About Me - An Introduction



Stamp collecting, the king of hobbies and the hobby of kings, is also a laughable hobby and an embarrassing confession for many of us.


My collection is mostly tucked away in a closet.  Some of it is in a plastic storage bin in the basement, and a little bit of it is on the floor beside me right now in my home office.  I have some philatelic tendencies, but mostly I just enjoy collecting stamps... 1) for collecting’s sake, 2) because there are so many pretty stamps to discover, 3) because they can be a creative medium, and 4) for the social aspect of the hobby.  It is fun to treasure hunt and do a little research, but finding valuable stamps is very low on my list of reasons for collecting them.


I have lots of used duplicates and have even exhibited part of my collection in the philatelic world under the title, “Fun With Duplicates.”  I would like to meet others who have done creative things (art, crafts) with stamps, and I would be interested in trading my used duplicates for your used duplicates.


One more thing.  I have not yet thoroughly explored the “Experience Project” or the “I Collect Stamps” community, and I am out of time for the day, so have some patience with me if I “disappear” for a little while.

carolouise carolouise
56-60, F
Jul 31, 2009