I Have A Fascination With Just About Any Type Of Bladed Weapon

So ya sense I was 13 I have been collecting and using knives you guys must know just a curious type of thing but now sense Iam older I have been collecting bigger and more dangerous stuff but I know how to use it all Iam smart with all of the weapons I have I know that it is serious and anybody could get hurt so but Iam exsperienced with my blades so first off I have a pair of katana 440 stainless steel among other things one is still sharp I used the other in cut tests very dangerous but I never cut a limb off or cut myself and I swing them around as if I don't have limbs already but next is my set kunai very sharp very!!!!! Now I have cut myself many times with knives doesnt effect me I have built up an immense tolerance for pain over the years exspeacally blade and knife cutts and stabs these I usually don't use now because there the smallest size of kunai and if you throw them into wood the tips will bend so you need a Kork board or throwing knife board then there is my gerber Applegate really expensive because it was made for general Applegate the blade is high carbon Steal and a certain material for the Handel forgot what it was called (sorry) then there is my butterfly knife cutt myself many times as well saying this was all when I was younger than I am now so Iam really carefull and just good at belsoning(don't know the spelling)Alright next is oh never mind listing these I have 12 switch blades ,5 folding knives,5 spring assist ,and two double edge ,then a shuiken stainless steel,then my black assissins dagger 440 stainless steel, a few tantos or tauntos ,I own 2 mechetes don't know about them sense they where found in my grandmothers basement that's about it but Iam gunna tell some i am going to own soon hanwei Paul Chen chinese war sword or (daodao),Chinese hook swords,cold steel tiger claw (karambit) , probally a few katana ,& a Kama so thanks to those who listen to my story knives and swords are really nice and dangerous so learn how to use them and Iam willing for any advice myself thanks to all
tanaboyWEC tanaboyWEC
18-21, M
Sep 24, 2012