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I've been involved with tarot (on & off) for the past decade or so, and have accumulated approx. 30 decks.  (So who's actually counting?)  I've had no one to share this interest with, so am looking forward to reading some experiences of other tarot enthusiasts!
QueenIzabella QueenIzabella 56-60 8 Responses Mar 13, 2012

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Is it hard to find antique decks that might be 100 years old ?

Have the images changed much ?

I haven't searched specifically for antique decks, if there are any out there for sale, they'd be out of my price range, most likely! As far as the images having changed, they actually have remarkably remained basically the same, tho the fun thing about Tarot is that the creator of each deck puts their own "stamp" on it, so to speak -- There are so many different "themes," such as mythology, fairy tales, cats, vampires, Egyptian, Victorian -- I could spend hours online "checking out" the various decks available, tho when it comes down to actually purchasing one, I look for something that I am really "drawn" to, in terms of the theme & the type of artwork employed. Tarot decks come in a large range of prices, too, so it doesn't have to be a super-expensive "hobby"! I generally limit my "acquisitions" to one or two new decks per year, as once I get a new one, I like to spend time studying each card & "familiarizing" myself with how to work with it in a "reading."

I have a Gypsy tarot deck somewhere but never got around to learning how to use it. You are the queen of swords ? Pleased to meet you. After doing an online questionnaire I was told that I am apparently the Hierophant. :-)

Actually, my "significator" card is the Queen of Pentacles, according to my astrological sign of Capricorn, but I really liked this Queen of Swords, and kind of relate to it more!

Thank you so much for reading this story, and for your comments! I don't seem to feel confident about my "reading" skills, so the collecting has become more of the main focus for me, at least for the time being! When I do read (mostly for myself!), I do find that certain decks seem to "resonate" with me more than others.

I have several Tarot decks. I've been reading Tarot for more than 20 years. Back in the days of AOL I sometimes did on-line readings for people in AOL chat rooms. I found a couple of good decks back in the 1990s, and haven't collected any new ones since. I don't really buy them to collect. Its about what speaks to me. Your mileage may vary. I'm sure EP must have a group for Tarot. Looking..... Found it. <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

I love Tarot cards, but cannot really read them without the help of one of my tarot guide of those things I keep telling myself I'm going to learn, but much like everything thing else, I don't do favorite deck is called the "Pathfinder's" tarot....

That's such a cool and interesting thing to family is full of budding aunt is the most practiced of them all, and she has a few decks mom gave my daughter her own set of 'fairy' cards for her birthday, and she loves them.....I am interested but I can't read them myself....I should really begin to learn.....I do love the idea of collecting them. though.....very cool

Thank you for reading this story &amp; for sharing your own experience! When it comes to actually "reading" the cards, I'm afraid I'm not terribly proficient either, tho it may simply be that I lack confidence in myself in this area (as I do with most areas of life)! Still, this hobby "resonates" with me on some level, so I continue on with it!

That's pretty cool! Have you ever seen the tarot deck that was designed by Salvadore Dali? I have a book of the paintings he did for that deck.

I haven't seen the actual deck, tho I've viewed pix of some of the card images when I've browsed the internet in search of the next deck to add to my collection! I do consider Tarot to be an art form, the deck has to be aesthically appealing to me in order for me to consider acquiring it for myself. It's a fun hobby, as Tarot decks come in a wide range of prices, and I only occasionally purchase one, so it's not that expensive of a hobby, all things considered. I appreciate your reading my story and commenting on it! Be blessed!

Sounds like a cool collection to me. I own more than 100 hand drums... I'll bet your cards take up less room! ;-)

That's an interesting collection, what got you started on it?

I would just find a cool or unusual drum and get it. Over decades. At one point I got rid of loads of drums I never actually played and replaced them with drums I do enjoy playing.

I've at times considered parting with some of my Tarot decks, as some do not get much actual use for "reading," tho I find that I just can't bear to let any of them go, it's like I've "bonded" with all of them!

In a case like that, I'd definitely keep them. Drums are different. They take up lots of room. There are many I would never part with but I could get rid of one single drum and have room for 50 decks of tarot cards!

It's kind of funny, because altho the Tarot decks themselves don't take up much space, they often are accompanied by a companion book, &amp; so are packaged in fair-sized boxes, which are illustrated, so I keep those also, &amp; those DO tend to require a fair amount of storage space!

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I used to read Tarot YEARS could do a reading for me if you like...PM me...thanks!!!!