Some Stuff

I collect sea-shells whenever I go to a beach. I've got 125 of them now. They're not all of different types. I've just got 3 different types of shells - scallops, conches and cowrie shells. 

I also like collecting pens and notebooks. I hardly use them, just like collecting them and arranging them on my desk.

I surf the net and save interesting pictures - anything artistic or nice looking. I like photography, so any photos with a different or interesting angle to it ends up on my computer. :P  I also like collecting gothic art. 

I like keeping small stones. Nothing too precious, just something that pretty or catches my eye. 

And lastly, I collect things that remind me of someone or of a significant moment. It can be anything, starting from a crumply, black and white picture of them to a wax hand (that's another story :P), anything that touches my heart whenever I look at it, I collect it. 

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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

Yeah, they're pweety aren't they? ^_^