Anyone Remember Pogs?

When I was younger I was awesome at winning pogs. I had such a sweet collection. I also had doubles and triples. However I would trade or give them away. I just thought of that when I seen this group. I don't have any of them now though. Oh well.
Tara277 Tara277
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

OMG I loved POGS I still have a big zip bag full of them, they were the **** back then!!!!

Yeah they were were'n they. Almost everyone had them.

I know, All my friends an I an cousins had them we would all play for hours!! My little one is two an my cousins at 7year old a 9 year old an 12 year old this is just one cousin that played an they are like what are these. we explained the joy we had in them..... but I refuse to let my bag go cause I keep them so long

Thats cool !