I Collect People

I collect the oddest array of people. I feel like I am a pretty normal person I work, I have a baby, and fiancee, go to night school, own a home, etc etc. But my friends? I have friends who are out of their minds. I only have one real normal friend, everyone else is so completely different. I have friends on countless numbers of drugs, I have friends who deal, I have friends that can't stop sleeping with other people, I have friends that can't quite figure out what gender they want, I have friends that started out as a lesbian-turned-gay male-turned-transgendered-turned androgonous dating an 80 year old man. All my friends are so out of the norm that I think I have turned into a collector of people. I love it. I'm waiting to add to my collection.


EllielleWriting EllielleWriting
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4 Responses Aug 28, 2009

Hi great story, can i be one of your friends, then you can add me as a weird friend who collects cat whiskers and thinks it's fun .

hah koy, who said i don't collect thongs, lol. <br />
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sharkzz-you probably aren't boring, lol. in comparison, i feel like I am boring though! i mean...lower middle class young mother. work. school. nothing too interesting. i used to be i think-used to have dreads, which i loved, and have tattoos that tell a story, but those things pretty much only i know now. i feel dull. <br />
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wscars-thanks. you are now one of my people :)

WOW Ell sounds very interesting. To all of them I am very dull and non collectable by the sounds.<br />
Good luck on the hobby LOL<br />
Though I am very glad I don't sell drugs, AND I am very sure of my sexuality and very happy being a male thank you, I love women and don't think I have the legs or femanine body for crossdressing. GOD I must be boring .<br />
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Love ya <br />
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Hi EllielleWriting<br />
I thought you said you collected thongs. Relief!<br />