Cats Whiskers,

I know i'm a bit strange cause i do weird things and family and friends never miss an opportunity to remind me.  Is their any one else on our vast planet that collects cats whiskers??

I have 4 beautiful felines and can not walk past a lost whisker.  I find most of them when i am vacumming but sometimes find my little treasures wherever they have been lazing around.  i have got long ones, short ones, fine ones, thick ones, soft ones, stiff ones,  i even have other people giving them to me.

I keep thinking they might come in handy one day if i meet a magician and he needs some for his spells.








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I love cats .....I have two of them ( Dalila and Bear) and they are very much different but very much a part of my life.

i'm the same way..those are cools names.

they have very different personalities.

i'm thinking slinky and beautiful..Delila
rough tough and full of it...Bear

Bear was a barn cat.When we got him he was not neutered but we took care of that.Born in the wild jet black including paws and feet.He is a great mouser and has a green belt and he loves it and will eat most anything.Delila was in a house full of dogs and vey skiddish.the owners didn't want her so took her in. She is a Calico and many colored.She spent a month under the bed before she would come out and join us.She loves her new home and follows Bear where ever he goes.She is picky but loves soft warm canned cat food.Also loves getting into boxes.She walks like a tank across the floor but loves to play.Bear is sleek and black but is very passive agressive and usually gets what he wants.Delila is timid and loving and loves her treats with a passion.She is furry and beautiful to have around. She of course is great mouser.

i was way off...just goes to show...shouldn't judge by name alone : )

na the main thing is you love animals and that is tops with me.I would probably be just as different than yours.

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i collect dog whiskers from my dogs!

and your plans for these doggy whiskers?

Thanks for asking about my plans for my dog whisker stash :-) First, let me say that I keep my whiskers in several different "containers" consisting of a couple of empty prescription pill bottles (I noticed someone else wrote that they use the same bottles for their whisker collection...!) and a couple of small tin boxes similar to certain cough drop packaging (my tins originally housed doggie breath-mints called "yip-yaps"). I use several different containers for two reasons: 1) I've been saving my dogs' whiskers for at least 12 years now and consequently, I have more whiskers than can reasonably fit into one small container; and 2) I started saving whiskers with my previous two dogs, but now I have two new dogs and I'm keeping the new dogs' whiskers separate from the prior dogs' whiskers (mainly for sentimental reasons, although notably the texture of my current dogs' whiskers is substantially different and unique from those of my prior dogs). As an aside, my two previous dogs were with me from puppies and passed away six months apart from eachother a couple years ago. Both were 12 years old (one was a Rottie/Shar Pei mix and the other was a small black pitbull mix--Both lived very happy lives :-)
I now have a Husky/Sighthound mix (he's got super-long, very straight whiskers) and a small black poodle/jack russell/beagle mix (he's got the most delicious whiskers which happen to be a very prominent facial feature--they're super THICK, wiry and very curly in all directions! And he's got some thick, white whiskers mixed in among the black ones...)
I guess you can tell by now that I'm pretty "into" whiskers...! Like others posted on this site, I don't recall ever having consciously decided to collect whiskers; rather, the first time I found one on my floor, I was inexplicably fascinated by it and enjoyed visually "examining" its shape, size, texture, etc. And also I felt it was somehow special because it came from my beloved dog and therefore I couldn't just throw it out (as nuts as that sounds...!). Eventually I began keeping an eye out for fallen whiskers and even began to almost enjoy sweeping my floors because of the liklihood of finding a fallen whisker or two!
In response to your question regarding my ideas on how I might put my whiskers to use: Although I don't know if I'll actually do anything at all with them (mainly because I like to see them all together in their bottles and tins where they look awesome lying together), I think the best idea I've had on how to actually "use" them is to create some type of Mourning jewelry and/or Mourning artwork with them.
If you're unfamiliar with this concept of "Mourning" jewelry and artwork, here's what it is:
In Victorian times, it was common for folks to keep something from the beloved deceased--For example, often they would take a lock of hair to keep and to help them feel like part of the deceased person would remain with them always. Often, they would have something made using the lock of hair (or whichever other item they kept from the deceased). Typically they would have a jeweler make a piece of "Mourning Jewelry" for them to wear in remembrance of the deceased, by enclosing the lock of hair under glass or otherwise mounted on precious metals depicting various illustrations of which the locket of hair would be made a part. There were Mourning Broaches, Mourning Rings, Mourning Necklaces, etc. There was also artwork (drawings, sketches, etc.) which commonly illustrated a dark scenerio (e.g., depicting a girl standing at a grave) and using the locket if hair as part of the illustration. (For example, the artist might glue the hair to the paper in a "swirly" pattern so that the decedent's hair depicts clouds in the sky within the illustration. Then it was framed behind glass to preserve the piece.)
Anyway, that's the best I've come up with for using my whiskers--But I'll probably just keep them where they are so I don't spoil the unique beauty of each and every individual whisker!
BTW--I'm sorry to be so wordy in answering your question! Take care...
-Bnai ;-)

Funny. I had been thinking I was the only one. I collect and keep my found cats whiskers in an antique glass stopper jar. Not sure why. I just like them and keep thinking there must be a use for them.<br />
My wife makes fun of me for it.

welcome to the club collectorman.
i can't seem to pass them by...throwing them out seems like i'd be throwing away part of my cat...strange since i have no problem with vacuuming up fur...i guess there's something magical about whiskers. is this how you feel?

a shark teeth necklace?..or stock for soup,,teasing about that one

i used to live by the beach so finding em wasnt tht difficult, i remember the most i found in a day was 44. im glad i could give you an idea! i know for me the question "what the heck are you going to do with these now that youve saved them" always comes up hahahha

a great idea..clay sculpture..i do've just given me an idea..thanks.<br />
cool..sharks teeth..where do you find them?

hey there, just thought id share tht i too, collect my kitty's whiskers. they are definitely interesting because of their texture being very different from normal hair, i dont know what made me save them, i guess it just tht i didnt want to just toss em in the trash can, way to cool for tht! i keep em in a little miniature briefcase with working laches tht i think was meant to hold business cards lolll, just randomly asked the internet if anyone else thought they were as cool as i do, or if anyone has figured out something to do with them all xD i had the idea of making a clay sculpture of my kitty and using his real whiskers. thank you guys for letting me know im not alone hahahah i also have a jam jar full of shark teeth ive been collecting since i was young

scales and i like to put them altogether and run the bristles over my feels like a tiny broom..said i was weird ;3

aw, this reminds me of a game I used to play. I spent most of the time collecting scales and teeth of various creatures. Maybe you can weave something out of them, or make some sort of crafty textured picture with them.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa...another collecter : )

yesses !<br />
<br />
I do it....they are the most perfect things quills , you could dip em in ink and write with them.

puppies teeth...cute. ; )

another strange cat whisker collector..good one<br />
black cats are cool..i laughed at the " only 3 " there room for more?

I work with a woman that collects cat wiskers. The only thing I collect related to the feline friends are black cats :) I only have 3 ( I think it's a good number) but I just love black cats! lol is a strange thing to do..i admit it..i have bundles of them tied with red embroidery thread. You understand the appeal.. you do the same things as i do.

well, this is certainly not negative.. it gets too many with George's help you are now the 4th person with long horns have whiskers? can just see you prowling around looking for them lmao :3

Sorry Tgilly, I don't collect cat whiskers, except one whisker that I had to keep to show people. George, you know the grey cat, has on whisker that is a corkscrew. When it fell out the first time, I found it and had to keep it for show and tell, as I had never seen a corkscrew cat whisker before. I figured the whisker would grow back normally, but no, the new one came back corkscrewed also... Now as my two helper cats sit around the computer on chairs making sure I work hard, I will sign off and say... Nothing is too strange to worry about until it starts impacting others in a negative way...

LittleDog... you made me laugh..that's the first time i've heard of someone collecting dog whiskers.. but hey.. a WHISKER is a WHISKER.. welcome.. now all we need is someone who collects HORSE WHISKERS. : )

I guess I must be even weirder then, because I collect dog whiskers. I have always been vaguely fascinated by them, I think it's their stiff texture compared to normal hair. When I clean near my dog's bed and food bowls, it's not uncommon to find shed whiskers. I keep them in an empty medicine bottle. Yeah, it's weird, but oh well!

Great ..another one of us.. you're the 3 rd person so far : )

Wow! I thought I was the only person who collects their cats' whiskers! So glad that I'm not alone! I started collecting whiskers about 10 years ago when I got my first cat and then another cat and another came along, well I just love cats! So I noticed whiskers dropping out on the carpet, on the bed, pretty much everywhere the cats slept so I thought it would be a nice memento to keep them for when they have long passed. I keep my cats' whiskers in a heart shaped tin box. I put all of their whiskers in there because I'm not sure which one dropped which whisker but I have a fair idea who belongs to whom. Anyway, its a little quirky hobby of mine, I'm not sure what I will do with them one day, I suppose I would like to be buried with them when I pass as I will then have a part of all my gorgeous cats with me in eternity.

haha.. good idea

Maybe you can make a 'wiska' broom out of them. :)

This makes me as strange, as I have also collected cat whiskers, from many of my cats, but now since my kitties are gone, I cherish them, and I don't think I could give them to a magician, however, I find that a very interesting idea, indeed. I keep the whiskers in little boxes sort of like little 'urns' hahah<br />
I also collected little tufts of their softest fur, that is probably not as strange as saving their whiskers though!

What a delightful notion! Collecting cat whiskers.....nothing weird about it--just light hearted and whimsical---magical even. I am always finding feathers on my walks- there are little collections of feathers here and there around my fairy oasis....I made this place for the fairies to rest--on their way to the real wilderness area west of machines are allowed in can take horses, donkeys, or llamas---just no machines.