I Have a Passion For Trading Cards

I have been collecting trading cards for over 15 years.  I mainly collect Sports (Golf, NASCAR), and Non-Sports (Supernatural).

I specifically collect cards of my favorite NASCAR drivers:  Geoff Bodine, Harry Gant, and Mark Martin.  Also, of my favorite Pro Golfer, Mark O'Meara.

If interested, check out my website - http://www.webs.com/geoffbodinefan.  It includes my traders, personal collections, and wantlist.

This hobby has been very fulfilling for me.  And, I have met a lot of great people along the way!

geoffbodinefan geoffbodinefan
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 28, 2009

I can share your passion. I collected baseball cards when I was growing up and used to spend all my extra money trying to get all my favorite pla<x>yers on the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals. Thought my mother had thrown them all out and then found them in the attic when she was moving. Spent alot of time reliving my childhood moments and making lists of what I had. Found it had become a very lucrative hobby. My entire family and especially my youngest daughter used to attend sports card conventions with me in St. Louis. Hard to believe there were so many collectors with many cards in pristine condition. Me, I was one of those kids who enjoyed my cards. Enjoyed the sound they would make when clothes pinned to my bicycle spokes. Enjoyed shooting my BB gun at alot of cards that were of pla<x>yers that were not on my favorite team. Enjoy sharing with another collector. I even bough golf cards one year.