I'm A Record Junkie!

I can't stop. It's a total addiction. But it's a good one have - LPs aren't illegal and they last a long time! Always wanting more. Looking for another one. That elusive record. Looking for that really obscure one with the one good song on it. Looking for a real valuable record in the cheap bins. It's such an experience.

The last one I bought was Nancy & Lee. That's Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. Some fabulous songs on there!: Sundown Sundown, Some Velvet Morning, Jackson, Lady Bird, Summer Wine and a more. Anyway I think LP shopping for me is like shoe shopping for women. Oddly enough I don't have a huge collection and I'm not one of those dealer guys that buys everything then sells it for loads of cash. I just buy the LPs that I like. I have seem some impressive collections however.

Oh yeah, I collect 45s too.

Vinyl rules! CDs and MP3s are nowhere nearly as cool as a vinyl records.

SonicReducer75 SonicReducer75
36-40, M
Mar 11, 2010