Roly Polies (pill Bug)

I absolutely loved the little creatures that would arise from the soil underneath the side walk in the front of my house.  There was one year I think when I was in the fifth grade that when dozens (maybe hundreds) of roly poly bugs came up from one side of the side walk almost every day of the summer to cross to the next.  I regrettably caught them to keep in a plastic square container.  I filled it with dirt so they could make it like home, but I also stupidly filled it with water so they could drink.

That begun the first roly poly side walk massacre!
It was all the result of innocence.  I didn't know I had taken too many roly poly bugs but what happened is that I stole from the Earth dozens to keep in my isolated bleak plastic containment, Oops I mean container. :)

Then began the second roly poly plastic containment, I mean CONTAINER! massacre!
The dirt I filled the container with lacked any presense of life or nurishment.  Because I didn't want my mother to find out about my roly poly bugs, I took a lid put holes in it and hid it in my dark dim closet.  Many died, the strong survived....

The last roly poly massacre!
I got bored so I began to play with my roly poly bugs but they crawled onto my fingers and tickled them so I shuck them off, those bugs disappeared, forever!  Then I wanted to see them move, so I shook up the box and dumped out the soil.  Some escaped...

After that I kept adding water for some reason I no longer cared for the lives of my roly poly bugs, so I disposed of them.

The Moral of the story is...
If you like a creature do not capture it to it can no longer sustain its own population but meet them where they thrive and enjoy all the days that Earth has given us all.  And never add water to a roly poly bug containment, container my bad... :)
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i used to collect various insect when i was very small. My science teacher loved it but my mother hate it

EEWWW, i hate those things!!!