As Rachel slipped my shorts off my bare feet,I could feel her soft lips kiss the back of my legs. " You have such a pretty figure MsW. " Her soft kisses were spaced with licks of her tongue,inching closer and closer to her ultimate target. I was so turned on by her flattery and tenderness. I felt her handslide between my legs and slip up to my panties. I wanted to beg her to rip them off,but couldn't catch my breath. My panties were so wet they had gotten stuck up inside me and I felt her finger slip up into me to dig them out. She pulled them down my outstretched legs leaving a trail of my sweet honey smeared on my warmtan skin.I told Rachel I couldn't take much more. "Hurry honey before my daughter gets home. I need you ." Her fingers dug into my hips and she began her oral assault. MIy body was shaking and so ready that I didn't know how much I could take. Her tongue penetrated my most sensitive areas, licking and swirling. She was driving me wildand she knew it.Her tongue was working magic on me and I was about o explode. My breath was coming in shallow gasps and my moans were getting louder. It started to let go when Rachel slid her tongue up between the cheeks of my butt and started probing my tite butt. The sensation of having a shattering o with her tongue tracing my butt caused me to explode. I screamed out in a wild frenzy,clawing at the countertop as Rachel urged me on. "Come on Jenn let me have it all. Give it to me honey,give it to me." I arched my back and squeezed every ounce of pleasure out of my body before falling exhausted on the counter.I was savoring the thrill of one of the most intense pleasures I had had in quite some time,while Rachel was licking my inner thighs clean. We were both startled to her my daughters car door slam outside. Rachel stood up gave me a quick kiss on the lips and a little spank on my still quivering bottom.With a wink and a smile she said "Ihope you enjoyed that as much as I did . Gotta go" I reached down for my panties and shirts only to see Rachel going up the stairs with my panties. I hurriedly pulled up my shorts and tried to compose myself before going to help my daughter unload the groceries.
redheadjenn redheadjenn
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Aug 25, 2014