. I was a single mom when my teenage daughter,Sue .started college 2 years ago. During one spring break, she called to ask if she could bring her roomie home to see where she had grown up. I was thrilled to have my baby girl come home and asked if ther was anything that I could get for their visit. She laughed and said,'Aw mom just be your usual pretty, charming self". I try to keep myself in shape, doing a little pilates and some light jogging to keep my legs toned, so I joked back with her,'I've got that pretty part down, I'll try to be charming.' A couple of days later ,Sue came home with her roomie Rachel. I hugged my daughter and welcomed Rachel to our home. I was taken by surprise by how cute Rachel was and told her "I bet you have your pick of the boys" My daughter gave me a funny look, but Rachel shrugged it off with a smile. My daughter took Rachel upstairs to unpack then they both came back down. I asked sue if they would go to the store to get some things I had forgotten. Rachel asked if she could stay behind and Sue said sure. I was in the kitchen chopping vegatables, when Rachel came in and hopped up on the counter behind me and started talking away. I told her that I hope i hadn't embarrassed her earlier and she told me not to worry about it. As we kept talking, Rachel asked if she could call me Jenn. "Sure honey, Treat just like one of your girlfriends." Rachel said "that sure is sweet of you. You know you look pretty god yourself jenn' i heard Rachels barefeet hit the tile floor and turned to see her walking towards me with a twinkle in her eye. I was taken aback when she said'Jenn you have the legs of a 20 year old" I told her flattery would get her anything she wanted, and wassurprised to feel her hands start to rub my legs . I put my knife down and enjoyed her soft hands roaming over my thighs. I told her how good it felt but that Sue would be home soon. S he brushed my hair off my neck kissing me lightly on the ear. "I can take you places yo've never been in a minute' i felt her tugging my shorts over my hips and her kisses down my back. Ileaned over the counter and let her spread my legs. You can guess what happened then
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I probably would of did the same :)

Mmmmmm....great experience.

So did you return the favor to her and show her what a mature woman could do. To that sweet college coed

Sounds like she brought home a friend with benefits-for-mom....