And I Do a Damn Good Job

I've never ever had my hair professionally done. I cut and trim it myself, and I dye it myself for the most part with help from my mom sometimes. It comes out amazingly well for amature. I love being able to have my hair exactly how I want it.

Melody08 Melody08
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 3, 2009

It's sooo much cheaper doing it myself. Costs me like, $20 at the store, when it would cost well over $100 at a salon.

Oh my God your so brave! I couldn't cut it myself. However i trim my fringe but that's it. I've let my mum dye my hair but she's ruined it twice! lol So i go to the hairdressers now. They're pretty rough and i hate it so i haven't actually been for about a year. But you really are daring! Your hair looks lovely!