Stiff Kitty

Loki Cedar Tree Pyewacket Parabolic Jet Stream only weighs about nine pounds.
Pye is a good little cat. She showed up starving and pregnant when I noticed that she was a friendly Wildcat.
When she was tame enough we had her spayed and aborted. The girls at the store complained; "Oh, I would have loved to have taken a kitten", having never even seen Pye. My answer was that if they wanted a kitten so badly the local ASPCA has plenty.
I had no clue as to the intelligence of cats as I am a dog person. Cat does not frisbee or go for rides in cars or warn off intruders or find escaped convicts. Intelligent?
No litter box. She goes out or waits for us to get home. When she needs she sits staring at the front door.
I gave her a part of a can of cat food. She is so small she only eats a spoonful at a time. Intelligent?
She asked me for more. Hours later I noticed her wanting; sitting, staring at the refrigerator door.
schmierfett schmierfett
Feb 1, 2013