That's The Truth

A lot of people on this site would probably describe me as a clown-philosopher.An original George Carlin,you could say.Folks on YouTube would probably call me a philosopher/lunatic.My friends(The ones I talk to behind the scenes)would call me a wise but occasionally unstable friend.The truth?
I log onto this site and feel like a series of rain drops falling down a glass window.I look like a stand-up comedian with something to say about life.
I log on to YouTube,put on the masks,add the voice effects and look like a crazy man who can say great things.When recording stops,I feel like an overweight,greasy Englishman in a messy bedroom near the east coast.
I talk to my friends and seem like an eccentric,supportive-when-needed goodfella,I feel like an insignificant blemish on a bed sheet they haven't washed yet.
There are times when I smile and laugh and even have fun,but it doesn't mean I'm happy.Sometimes I truly am happy.Sometimes.But not as much as you'd think.I've been feeling better than in a while this past month,but the mood swings are still happening.I've got a lot going on in my life,but the bottom line is that I've always been a miserable ****.Sometimes,when another persona takes over,that goes away for a little while,but not for very long.
Truth is,I'm FUBAR.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012