Gone, I Dont Know Who You Are

when i was a baby, my parents split and it was always rocky. i lived with my mum and it was never the same. i got bullied because my family were different, and i never saw my big brother. My mum never understood what it was like for me, and i dont even know where my dad is! he could be dead, i wouldnt know. I just want people to understand that you dont have to have the perfect family to have a good life, but everyone made my life a living hell so i guess that now im always going to be less than everyone else. we had to give out our dreams and ambitions for the futre once in class and i have always wanted to sing dance and act, but i can almost feel the glares and the disbelife in people when i told them because apprently i don't have daddies money so i cant be famous, or even dream to be... i wish my family was perfect, but its not...
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Hang in there dear. I understand what you mean. You are not less than any other human. You can achieve your dreams, and can be the best. Have faith, and don't loss your willpower.

Aw that very sad ppl shouldn't judge u like that your allowed to dream, I can't realate to you exactly, but my parents did divorce and I still vist my dad, I've had ppl judge me cuz my parents divorced in fact I try to keep it quiet, I feel lucky tho cuz my dad was always traveling and so he'd be gone for 2 or so weeks so when he divorced my mom of course it torn me apart 2 no he would never return, but in a way was easier to deal with his absence cuz it felt like he was traveling, I'm srry that your parents split and I feel bad that you never c your dad, and it's terrible that kids in your class judged u it's not nice but don't worry overtime it get better it still will hurt forever it just won't be that hard. I understand wat u must be feeling I hope that pain you feel loses its sting soon