Hold On Pain Fades

When I was 4 I gave my life to The Lord over a salty the songbook ep. So anyways I was raised is a Christian family I am a E.D. (evangelist's daughter) so I watch a lot of movies when I was 10 I began watching romantic movies sometimes the family would divorce and I would always think "that will never happen to my family cuz we love God with all our heart" (I know foolish of me to be so optimistic) my dad would travel often for 2 weeks or more, but when he would come home he would bring gifts, my parnets were together for 13 or 14 yrs. then one day my dad divorced my mom, I was heart broken, a few weeks went by and my mom told me that my dad remarried, my heart bursted with emotions I couldn't hold back my tears, I was so upset and to make things worse 2 years or so went by and then my first dog Rex or rexy (we got him when I was little) was diagnosed with arthritis in his hind legs he couldn't run and we would have had 2 get a wheel chair for him and rex would have to wear a diaper, I didn't wanna but we had to get rid of him so I wouldn't have to see him die in pain and so we gave him. Away ill never forget the look in his eyes when he was put in a kennel and taken to live with some lady I think he knew what was going on, and so this being my first dog my heart was torn for my dog and the longing for my dad so my heart was burning with raw emotion that I bottled up altho it was easier cuz my dad traveled a lot it still stings and b4 I go 2 sleep sometimes I bawled my eyes out. It's been 6 yrs now since my dad left and yes the pain still stings today, but God has helped me tho the pain he brings me joy and comforts me, so hold on your pain will fade,tho the pain will always be there forever, but if you ask The Lord to give you strength he will and your pain will seen to fade so hang in there focus on the positive not negative, u'll get thro it, I hope my experience helps you get thro whatever your facing.
Jesusfreak123 Jesusfreak123
Dec 14, 2012