Can we make a family out of the people here? My family has had so many problems. I don't even want to mention some of them. I don't ever want to think about one of them in particular. If I could cut myself from them and have a new family I would. I plan to do better. I won't let what happened to me happen to another.
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1 Response Jun 9, 2015

I completely understand , for my self I had lived through things children should not have to see or do , and the Alcoholic Parents while we were all young , 7 of us went through hell, then the Molestation from 12 Pedophiles ,and try to live a normal teenagers life, my mind was so Distorted and not even knowing who I really was, it took me another 20 years to find out who I am with out my family, and the drugs and alcohol my self , but now I am in men's group for Foundation and Stabilisation for men, and everyone is being protected because they are Family, and I still pay the price today because the red flag comes up when others here I have been Molested as a child. I am 56 years old now , and a great guy.