So I had to write a three to five page paper about my identity. I chose instead to write it in several poems. Here is the one I wrote about family dynamics:

I come from                              a broken family

My Father                                  was remarried

His first wife                             left him and their kids

My Mother                                 was not his first love

My siblings                               share half my blood


My Father                                 was an alcoholic

He was                                    never around for my siblings

They still                                  harbor some resentment for that

It's worse                                 because he refuses to talk about it

He changed                            when I was born


He was                                      fifty years old when I was born

He vowed                                  to change

He did                                        He works out religiously

He never                                    drinks or eats any sort of dessert

He does this                              for me, I hate that I've limited him


I function                                       as a Bridge

Between                                       His two families

My birth                                         brought my sisters closer to my mother

They wanted                               to play with the baby

Ever since then                          I am a buffer


Between                                    the pain of the past

And                                            the ambiguity of the future


Thanks for reading, please comment!

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Thank you redtail, I'm amazed by the similarity in our situation, I'm also sorry. I know it's not a fun place to be. But I am hopeful because yours seemed to have, not mended, but at least not ended in some catastrophic way. Thank you for commenting, and good luck.

I was six years old when my parents divorced, I saw my world crumble, I was really young so as you may know I was quite confused. Like most children I blamed myself or thought it was somthing I did. The more I thought back on this, it wasn't exsplained to me as to why untill I found out for myself. My father was a raging alcholoholic and my family were in 8 different directions, until we found each othwer again. The important thing about all this is that as my siblings and myself grew, we realized that we weren't as disfuctional as we thought because we were there for one another. Some are still affected to this day with the family comming apart. I do hope that those who were stuck in the past have the courage to come forward. I appreciate and relate to what you wrote, it took alot of courage on your part. Especially for a young lady as yourself.