Diary Entry From When I Was 13

Oct. 25, 1993

David [my stepfather] and Mom had another fight.

David threatened to kill Mom. He choked her and was hitting her with a shoe. He pulled our phones out of the wall. We went to the police. I was so ashamed. Every time Mom gets married, this happens. I'm so tired of it.

I hate David. Well, I only hate him when he's mean. How can men be so violent? Mom says that my real dad tried to kill her with a knife. Tommy's [my brother] dad was terrible. He once pushed Mom down our porch steps when she was holding Tommy. I wish I could change families with someone else.

My journal is the only place I can say how I feel without feeling ashamed.

On the way to the police station, Mom said, "All I need are my children. I promise I will never marry again, and I won't go back to David." I don't know if I should believe that or not.

Why would God punish us like this? What did we do?

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Thank you. That means a lot coming from you. You're such a nice guy. :)