Small Lil Hick Town

 Ive lived in the same place almost all my life minus three yrs in cinci .  I cant say i love it because it is so small you cant walk out your door and everyone knows youve done it with in the hour ... thats annoying . I spent my teenage life trying to escape this place and ended up coming back after my marriage ended . and i never wanna live anywhere else cause everyone is so close . it amazes me .  i love it out here now .
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1 Response Mar 7, 2007

I live in a small hick town, too. Everyone knowing my buisness or voluntarily telling me theirs ( some that I didn't even want to know!! lol. ) is kinda nerve wracking. But one thing that has helped me was getting a job in another town... An Hour Away!! I'm gone literally most of the day. Not as much of MY buisness is known by the gossips, and I'm not in town long enough to hear idle words of the bored gossip commentaries!! It kinda gives you a warm, fuzzy SMUG feeling all over!! ;)