Never Heard of It, Ny.

hahaha my town is 1 sq mile big. thats it, i live near the square and almost every kid here has broken more than one law. we drink,alot of us smoke, we break things, and the cops dont do ****. there is only about 2500 people in the whole town and about 1500 of them live in a condominium thing which is all the way in a little corner of town, so we basically have 500 people in the rest of the one mile of land. anarchy is key here and no one really cares about the kids, we run around the streets screaming at cars and the cops have only stopped us like once. the bus driver doesnt give a **** whos smoking on the bus or standing up, long as they dont get in trouble for it. at the most there are around 12 high schoolers in the whole town, and about 5 or 6 of them have gotten kicked out of the town or school.


im really proud of my ****** up town, and its the greatest. the only reason it seems kindof big is because its in the middle of a bunch of huge rich towns. oh well we have fun anyway

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sounds exactly like my town! well expect the cops are all over it, their super bored and love to bother anyone (& anything) they can, my graduating class was 90 though so a bit bigger but everyone lives out in the country and we are all real spaced out, It takes 15-20 minutes to get to the next town, so we keep to ourselves too, well unless we need to go shopping or get really bored.

just know that as you grow older and perhaps move on in life ... it's not like that ... these are the days of your youth, something which you will never again be able to attain - as sad as that is. enjoy while you can, indulge while you are able to without all the 'adult' responsibility as well as the 'different' town mentality to bring ya down ... ENJOY IT! i too grew up in a small town - very small - somewhat the pop of yours but big farm country w/ no neighbors kinda thing. so ... all i can say is ... ENJOY it now! cuz it sure does change later in life...