I Come From Dorion Ontario

I grew up In Dorion Ontario. I was the school bully. I got money from kids at lunch time. I used that money to pay other kids to do my spelling for me.
I chopped a lot of wood. Large Garden on small farm. There was chickens and a goose that guarded the chicken house. There were choke cherry trees growing. I can't say too much. If I did someone from Dorion might realize who I be. Don't know if there are anyone else from Dorion Ontario on this site. My uncle was a traffic cop. I moved to the city on my own and studied law but decided being a lawyer wasn't my cup of tea. I met a nice guy who turned out to be a cop. Because of him I became one. He also caused me to go gay. I was married to a lady named Wilma. Quite a coincidense her name is similiar to mine. I think I might tell you more later. Dorion Ontario is a small town and everyone knows everyone there.
Bananacop Bananacop
Feb 3, 2013