I Come Here For The Laughter

People see my post and read my answers and assume I am loose..I will tell you this I love to laugh and have some fun I am not here for webcam and sex...I can't control what others post on my questions but I have to admit I laugh a lot at all of you...You brighten my day...There are many who are wound up so tight here as well in the outside world that they can't hardly breath I choose not to be one of those people...If you can't laugh with me then please pass me by....I come here for the laughter and the wonderful people I have encountered here and that's all...

Don't judge me as I do not judge you...Be yourself open up and have some fun life is to damn short to be angry all the time....

Hugs to all my friends...You remain in my heart...
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Love this. People can't distinguish between joking humour and meaning it, sometimes.
Just had to block someone vile as he suddenly got disgusting with me. No encouragement was needed. BLOCKED, lol.
Hugs to you.

Agreed,I have shared with EP and all who care to read the real me.EP has been a great place to release some pent up emotions and I have found that people either like me or dislike the person behind the words I post.I can not and would not like to influence peoples perception of my character,I love the Experience Project,it has helped me in so many ways.
Have fun,enjoy the site and as always thank you for the welcome that most probably encouraged me to explore EP in depth. :-)

few people have poor sense of humor lol! humor is for classes... not for masses.. and we dont have to explain if we are out of line..or just humorous.. for we maintain those fine lines.. and do carry mannerisms.. we are authentic.. we respect.. but we have elements of FUN.. :) as long as we draw lines.. we can push stupid people away lol!...

loose is just in the mind...

and that we have to loose control lol! cos we cant control them...let them have their own share of reality.. for i hold my character..and i dont believe in explanations.. JOIN ME.. LOL!...

Not here for webcam and sex? I am depressed. I guess that means no naked housecleaning for me either. :( I joke because I know that you know that I am joking. I am not that easy to get naked on webcam anyway. It make take 2 shots of vodka for that. :P Laugh V, it keeps us young and alive.

lmao...you're a mess

Of course. I'm a friggin ostrich living on the moon. :P

lmao...Get your head out of the sand Mr.

Why? Nobody can see me hiding there. It's the perfect spot.

We want to see you...

I am old, fat and ugly. Show's over. Nothing to see here. Move along people. :P

lmao...Stop that!

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Yeah! Tell em! But you were only talking about the sex stuff to everyone else, not me, right? Lmao!


Reading this brightened my day. I couldn't said it better myself.

I posted a story yesterday about people taking things a little too seriously on EP. I agree with you that my favorite posts, whether they be stories, confessions, questions, WB convos or just comment threads that have gone crazy, are the ones that make me laugh.

Admit it though, it's fun to pretend that we're wild hedonists, even though we're really not. :-)

I will admit that...It is kinda fun and chances are I won't stop...lol