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Shhh Kitty!

Ok now this only happend one time,and lucky me there was someone to see it all!groan* one night,still at school,i came home high on the hooch,lol,and that after "study" group. So after nearly breaking myself and the front door in two,to get into the house,my mom(the witness)says i walked into something with a loud thud, and started saying shhh kitty (giggle) go away kitty (giggle) shhh sit kitty (lots of giggle)good kitty and then i finally i loudly made it to my part of it all,i was talking to the big rock doorstop!lol*
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i came home drunk layed down on the kitchen floor because the tile was cool and called my dog over and made her lay down so i could use her for a pillow. lol<br />
drunks do and say the darndest things .

She was happy to do it she liked to cuddle she was a 1/2 husky and 1/2 wolf. My Sheba I miss her she was the best dog i ever had.; )

I have a stone cat door stop.... true!!! will take a piccy