Been There; Done That

...while the drinking itself may be a separate issue...on certain occasions, I would have paid to see myself in action. I giggle just thinking about the title of this group because I know I have done this. As long as you don't "rage" on the objects, there really is no harm done, right ??
NiftySox NiftySox
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2 Responses Nov 23, 2011

RAGE RAGE RAGE! Can I reckomend setting out to a back garden/yard and having some fistycuffs with a rotary clothes line? Damn fendish opponent when you've had a few..... (word of out for it's left hook.... devious things rotary clothes lines)

Well if you live to see the next day, and you didn't harm anyone else, it is normally a learning experience. I, having experienced the come home drunk thing many times, wish that I had learned my lesson a little earlier in life.

well after certain mistakes in my life, I realized a DD is quiet convenient :)) so yes, as long as you make it home safe AND you live to see the next day, no harm done :) i still think I would have been pretty funny to watch bouncing from wall to wall and telling the picture frames to "shhhhhh" :) (hee hee)

Well Nifty, I was a fun drunk....but it was not pretty and I am glad no pictures were taken ;-) What you up to this morning....and don't tell me 5'6" :-)

well really if I could get to 5'4" i would be happy :) you got your prep done. im off to do mine. what time is there in Hawaii anyway??