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Many Times...

Past and present.
Most recently, came home and tripped over the rabbit cage in the hallway and almost killed the bastard. He got loose in the commotion, so I just left him out all night.
Back in college, tripped over a drunken roommates drunken girlfirend and told her to SHHHHHHHHHHH...
Somehow her and her friend wound up in my room where I must have been a ROCK GOD **** STAR, but unfortunately I was too passed the **** out to remember. All three of us were naked the next morning, but only her friend remembers anything, and SHE says we had GREAT sex for hours. Now I will believe her, 'cause she's a nice girl and all, and she seemed sincere... but dam, you'd think I would remember something like that EVER happening. I will admit, my sheets stunk like sex and my body and theirs were all sticky, but that could have meant somebody peed on us while we slept....
Alcohol... the great party maker and memory eraser!
THEBIGM THEBIGM 46-50, M May 21, 2012

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