Drunk Times!

I came home drunk late one night, about 2 or 3 a.m.

I forgot my house keys at my friends and didn't want to go all of the way back when I could just climb through my window. I was wearing some baggy jeans and a t-shirt that night. I got the window open standing on the railing of the porch. Then started to climb through. I didn't think about how high up the window was from the floor when I went in head first. Somehow on my way through the window started to close on me catching my pants preventing me from going any further. There I hung in the dark drunk and sick to my stomach. Caught by my own pants and feet sticking out of the window. My hands just nearly touched the floor! I finally had to undo them and fall into my house. Good times my friend!

I can't wait to do a drunk stupid again!

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

My ex who was also my neighbour banged on my door at some ungodly hour of the morning because she was drunk needed to pee and couldn't find the keys to her house so could she pretty please use my bathroom. They were in the plastic bag she was carrying which also contained her miscellaneous items and a six pack of beer.

Haha, I've learned that one... also make all of your friends pee before you all leave as well :-/<br />
Wet car seats are nastyyyyyy!! <br />
Still it was a better than the night my friend and I were doing shots of Tequilla at the bar, went to the bathroom at the same time and she ended up on the floor half in my stall and half in hers :-o<br />
Then I had to drag her out from under the stalls by her feet and then literally carry her out of the bathroom and the bar...