Brother-in-law's ***

For around four years I was living wife my ex-wife and her brother-in-law after he came to stay with us for a few months. And from the day before my wedding to four years and a half years later, i was regularly ******* her brother. It swung over time from me ******* her every night and him every 3-4 nights, to me ******* her every few days and him every other day, to ******* her every couple of weeks and him daily. And what made it so much more hornier is her not knowing a thing about it, and me regularly ******* and being ****** by her brother, who slept next door to us. And on many occasions I had drilled his arse and came deep in him, and had him *** deep inside my arse, before my wife got home from work, only for me to seduce her and **** her in our bed, only minutes after ******* him in our bed, and screwing her and making her moan loudly so he could hear us, and ******* in her after either I had *** in him or/and he had *** in me. On a few occasions I had to change the sheets quickly and put them in the wash as they had become soiled due to me and my brother-in-law's lovemaking, and on more than a few occasions I had her brother's *** oozing out of my arsehole while I was nuts deep inside her! In the end, it was more of these dirty thoughts that made me want to **** my ex-wife, rather than wanting to **** her for the sake of wanting to have sex with her. At the very end of my marriage to my ex-wife, I was actually in more of a sexual-emotional relationship with him than her. She never found out, and I continued living with him for a couple of months afterwards, and he would console me about my failed marriage with regular sex. In fact, the sex was much better with him than it was with my ex-wife, and during this time we sucked and ****** 2-3 times a day, until he decided that it was best for him to join his sister with her family, for unity's sake. But during this time, he told me that he used to **** himself off when he heard me ******* my ex-wife, and especially just after we had been having sex and he had *** in me. He used to love hearing us moan, especially his sister, and he told me that he regularly *********** about it. He also told me that he used to spy on her sexy naked body through the keyhole when I wasn't around, and even offered to wash her back while she was showering one day, which she declined. But the horniest thing was that sometimes while I was sucking him off, he would tell me how he fantasised about a MMF 3-some with his sister and me, and how he would love for my ex-wife to watch me being ****** by him. He also told me how he wanted to double penetrate her, and **** her ***** while I ****** her arse, and spitroast her, and double vaginal penetrate her, all of which used to turn me on so much and get me horny for sex with him. The thought of incestral sex still turns me on to this day because of him.
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0.O wow. Hot. Not even into incestrial anything, but the in law part is raww.