At 5 Am....

When I cannot sleep or just am up and at em at this time of the morning-so darn peaceful-I like to see my friends. I go on-line to EP and here you are. With your sweet jokes. With your cheery words. With your sadness. With your joy. And we banter and we chat and we do as friends do....We can say what is in our hearts, on our minds, and all is well. Your acceptance is wonderful. Your humour is divine. Your friendship is priceless. And I dig you-where you are coming from....Even though you are in another country, it is like you are beside me. Holding my hand if I need you to....Making me laugh....Making me smile....Hearing my problems....And I hearing yours. Sharing snippets of our lives. Moments we hold dear. Wiping away tears. Soothing anger. Expressing feelings no matter what they may be. And I just wanted to remind you how truly wonderful it is to have you in my life. And how sparkly your eyes are. And how strong you are. In physical strength and in your ability to accept me. And I can say I love you. And you know exactly what that means to you. That is all. And now back to the boards. Let's go!
I will race you!

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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Here I also come and join your list of friends...

to a woman who brings joy , peace and happiness to others with her words and poetry , Hugs ! thanks for being you !