I Came Out Tonight

For the first time in my life, I revealed my feminine self to a new group of people who I hope will be my friends. I went to my first meeting of TriEss last evening. It's a support organization for hetero crossdressers. I drove to the meeting in my girly jeans and a feminine mens shirt. I changed in the upstairs bathroom. When I rejoined the group I was wearing my new red skirt suit, white blouse and red earings. Silver rings on my fingers and my lips painted bright red.I wore my hair down past my shoulders. It was the first time I showed anyone my feminine self and got some nice comments from the other girls. There were seven of us at the meeting most my age or older. I wrote about it in a story under the "In touch with my feminine side" subheading.
I left about 11pm and drove still wearing my femme clothes. I was surprised I had the nerve to do that. What if one of the neighbors think if they saw me? Forget it I thought, I have only met a couple of the people in the building and they'd probably just think a woman live here if they saw me enter my apartment. It was so exhilarating but I was really happy to get those shoes off. The fit is okay but they are too narrow for my big feet. I am wearing a black waist cincher still and am going to try to sleep in it to help mold my body a little better. Ah, the things we girls do for beauty!
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Good for you, honey! I couldn't possibly pass at my age, and with a beard. but dressing does make me feel wonderful, as I'm sure it does for you.

Well done on your night out. I am pleased that it is all going so well for you now. As I keep saying "Every day is a good day". I think your future is looking better all the time. As for the "waist clincher", I'm sorry my friend but we must all play with the cards we were dealt. You cannot change the shape of your ribs at this stage in life and That will always make your shape different. Lose a bit of weight (Don't be silly about it! ) and wear things that don't fit too tightly to your shape. Please be aware that women come in all shapes and sizes, they do not All have an "hour glass" figure. Live to enjoy who you are.

I know about the shoes....I have managed to find some shoes that fit my wider foot.