Should I Tell My Doctors?

I am still being treated for alcoholism and depression at the VA hospital. Should I tell my shrink about the new me? I want him to know that I am happy these days and no longer feel depressed at all. I mentioned to the female doctor who deals with my alcoholism that I was thinking of dressing as a woman for halloween. I will ask her to meet me for coffee some day after I visit the salon. I want to show her, not tell her.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I feel that if you want to get the best treatment from your doctor they should know everything that they, and you, are dealing with. I just told one of my doctors and he was very understanding. I haven't told my VA doctor yet but I intend to at some point. I like him the best of any doctor I have ever had and I know he will be understanding as well. They have dealt with this before with other patients so it shouldn't be a big deal. As far as crossdressing goes, heck, I treat myself for depression by crossdressing. And you are right, it does work, because it makes me happy also. If it were me I would keep things professional with the female doctor unless she asks to see you dressed. Good luck and be happy..keep dressing.