Before You This!!!!

Hello i created this group recently....This is a group of people who wanted to FULLY COMMIT to DAILY or regular positive thinking by posting HAPPY AND UPLIFTING EXPERIENCES...i trully believe that being sad or depressed will NOT SOLVE why be sad and depressed when you can be happy and still looking, finding, and making solutions for yourself and your life...

if you cannot make that commitment then please do not join. This group is all about QUALITY not QUANTITY..that is as frank as i can be..

Life has given us enough it is time to lighten things up and make a positive change for the better and for the best...So....are you ready to folks?


PS---you can share any positive and uplifting stories or experiences of yourself or others you know---from the simple to the most grand  =D

Start posting today  and have a blast in this group. So everytime you log in to EP you don't have to leave feeling down but happy and empowered like any lucky and happy person deserves....

pinklipstick pinklipstick
31-35, F
Apr 12, 2010