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At the age of 25, I woke up in a room and saw an old man standing at the doorway, staring at me. I yelled, "hey!" at him, perceiving him as an intruder in the house-and as soon as I said it, he charged my bed with amazing speed. I fell back in bed and threw my arms up to defend myself against an attack, and waved an arm at him to throw him away from me. My hand went through his face as he stood, staring down at me solemnly. Then he faded away very slowly.

A while later I would in my sleep hear a male European voice demanding my attention, commanding me to listen to him and promising me he would prove to me he exists. When in the same sleeping state I tried to ignore him, a weight settled over my stomache, making it impossible for me to breathe. It woke me up, fighting for breath. When I finally went back to sleep, the voice was back but eventually went away from my dreams.

Afterwards, making a personal choice, I went to somebody who hypnotized me and the results were confusing and intriguing at the same time.

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I find this eerie...

You must be extremely curious to know who that person is and why the German Jewish person says sorry. I suspect that sooner or later you will phone the number, but be careful it is not too late. The person in question may be old, I wouldn't worry about frighting or disturbing them. Old people think about death and associated matters as you would an imminent event. Please let us know what happens.

Somebody else called the phone number after hearing about my story. He asked for the person whose name I'd seen in hypnosis, the person who placed the call lied about being an ex boyfriend who had just found her phone number and address in the yellow pages. The person on the other end of the phone did not seem to recognize the name.

Maybe they did not recognise it because the it was out of context. Could be a grand parent or somebody form the distant past. Writing them a letter might be the easiest way to explain (at the risk of being thought as a crank or worse; but so what, you would only be doing your best, tying up the loose ends)

:) Quite true ...there is no such thing as a human spirit as such.... we are all divine spirits having a human experience in this illusory 3rd dimension...for the experience of learning and higher consciousness growth...<br />
<br />
What is classed as lost souls are people who have died but unaware they have passed on and in that realm can continue to do tricks and things like you are saying that relate to this 3rd dimension only...when they realise or are assisted to realise by their giudes and loved ones that they have died and encouraged to be moving on to the 4th and 5th or sometimes even higher...depending on their consciousness level acheived....<br />
<br />
At this very time in our history we humans are being offered the chance to ascend (change the human body from carbon to crystaline cells) to become the first ever galactic humans....we have free choice to accept or not...our decision individually....

Hi Shaandar.... I've only just read your last msg.... <br />
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Have you ever seen Lisa Williams on TV...? She does exactly what has happened to you and tells the loved one by describing the person they see and giving them the message it helps bring closure to that person...<br />
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Perhaps your calling is to help others in this way also....<br />
<br />
It is a great gift and a wonderful way to help others and it can become something that you will be able to get great satisfaction and fulfillment from...? Can be quite lucrative as well as people dont mind paying for readings like this...<br />
<br />
You obviously have strong guides around you to them find out who they may only get one name that you can use...and ask them to give you information about what it is you need to know...and allow them to feed you information....<br />
<br />
Allow them to educate you on what to do and how to do should not need hypnosis to do a time when you are feeling relaxed and quietly at peace and be still meditate and ask them to talk to you.. :)<br />
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Just a suggestion...<br />
Best wishes...

Thanks for your post.
Here is my take on it.
In my belief system, these entities are actual beings, not human spirits, that sometimes try to deceive and trick us. It's something humans must be careful about as the beings have supernatural knowledge, are quite manipulative, and even envious of us

You should not place too much credence in "arm chair experts" LOL...
i.e (im guess your Christian)
You are somewhat clairvoyant that does not mean you are a guru or anything I know but you are more developed than your average priest that is clueless about such things....
Who do you think is closer to the truth.... you or him....?

The trusted friend that I went to to hypnotize me, I can only describe the events that followed as bizarre. I told him I was having dreams that came and went and thought I was troubled about something in the back of my mind. I wanted his help to find out what it was and sort it out for myself.<br />
Once he hypnotized me, I started hearing messages in my, it was like listening to a radio on low volume. And I started telling him, the friend who hypnotized me, what these messages were. And as I was telling him what I heard, I suddenly started actually saying the messages myself without hearing them. At that point I angrily demanded who he was and asked, ' can you help me?'<br />
My friend was confused and said yes, if I wanted his help, he would help me. I said to him, ' no, I'm not asking for your help-he is. I think you need to bring me out of hypnosis now.' So my friend did just that.<br />
The second time I was hypnotized by the same friend, I heard the same voice becoming irritated, saying I was ignorant, a fool and just didn't know. It said I was not paying attention to him.<br />
At the time, I took hold of a pen and pencil and wrote something out. When my friend asked me what I had written, I read the writing out and said, ' be careful, I am not what you think.' <br />
My hypnotist friend brought me out of hypnosis immediately and I had to work hard to convince him to hypnotize me a third time to talk to this 'voice'-he didn't want to hypnotize me anymore but agreed reluctantly.<br />
In the third session, he addressed the voice in my head himself and asked questions. What did he want? Who was he? Why did he chose me to send messages through?<br />
The voice gave his name. The name was a German Jewish name. He said he talked to me because I can hear him.<br />
The next thing that happened was probably the strangest event. I saw a series of numbers in my head along with a partial address, and two names, one of which was female, the other, I assume, a last name.<br />
And I heard, 'find her', 'tell her I'm sorry.'<br />
That was the end of the third hypnosis session. The next day, I was absently flipping through the latest white pages edition and, just for the heck of it, looked up the name I'd heard the day before in the session. To my amazement, I found the last name, the series of numbers, and the address-all lined up together-in a certain person's name in a section of the yellow pages. I contacted my hypnotist friend and had him get his own copy of the white pages. When he looked up the address, he was also very surprised. He asked me if I was going to call the person.<br />
I said no, because what was I going to say? Somebody from the other side named so and so says hes sorry?<br />
<br />
I never called the person in the white pages.

Spirits from the higher planes have to lower their vibration rate and frequency to reach us as we vibrate at a much denser it can be quite difficult for them to reach us...have takes time and application...<br />
<br />
Added to that is when we are in a negative state when we try to make contact it is almost impossible for them to reach us the gap is too great....<br />
<br />
Despite that we all still have spirit guides who never leave our you can still communicate with them and ask for help...they will hear you and even if they cannot reach you consciously they can make things happen for you in ways you may never notice...<br />
<br />
Talk to them everyday....try to make a time....and be thankful for the good things you do have...simple things like you woke up this morning lots of children and adults didnt...<br />
<br />
You have food to eat lots dont... you have clothes to have a roof over your head...etc etc there are lots and lots of these if you think about it....<br />
<br />
Doing this teaches us to look for the good things we take for granted and it helps in our self image and self love...changing our thinking patterns from lack and misery to appreciation and gratitude...keep doing it every day and it spreads around you to others and your world starts to change for the better and health can return to the body as well...

Sounds like you need to protect yourself against interference from lost souls..<br />
<br />
Ask your guardian angels to intervene and block out lost souls....and google the word chakra and read up on how you can open and close these to protect yourself....if these are open lost spirits are attracted by the light they shine...<br />
<br />
Study and Learn about your psychic side and use it to help yourself and others...