What is intuition? Well as far as I can tell, its that still small voice inside each of us gently nudging us towards our own good. Intuition is ours by divine right. It does not force things on us but offers us an opportunity to walk in grace. The world is such a noisy place that sometimes it can be difficult for us to hear this voice. This is why it is essential for each of us to take time out to become familiar with it. Turn off the television, cellphone, radio and all the things we use to comfort ourselves. I used to be obsessed with the news which had a direct effect on my views of the world. One day I heard a man say "sometimes I take news fasts" I thought, how brilliant I could do that after one month of having done so, I found that many of my prejudices and fears had dissipated.

I began to take quiet walks in nature, identifying all the sounds and the life force around me. I began to hear this voice more clearly and I became receptive to its advice. I can't tell you how many times this voice has saved me. One day as I was walking through a nearby park, with nothing in particular on my mind, suddenly I heard the voice say walk a little faster. Now I love cherry blossom trees and especially when they are in full bloom. I love to stand under them and look up. Yet this voice had told me to pick up the pace a bit, so I complied. I walked pass one of the trees and almost instantly a huge branch fell off, now if I had been disobedient to the still small voice, I may not have been here right now sharing this story with you.

Get quiet and become still and meet your inner voice. You will never regret it.

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Sep 17, 2012