The Nature Of Fear

Fear can paralyze us, it can stop us dead in our tracks, and if we allow it to, it can control our lives. It is said that it came into being when a man first saw his own shadow. Interesting, because as we know the shadow is merely a reflection of ourselves. Fear's nature is to immobilize us and make us afraid. Ever meet someone who appears fearless, aren't they fascinating to observe? Fear is limiting and can be overcome by denying its power in your life. You are the master and God gave you dominion over everything in your world. If something doesn't serve you, why keep it around. Just on the other side of fear is faith!

Once my son's friend asked me to take him to cash his first paycheck. Boy was he excited! So I agreed to take him. While I waited outside for him to cash his check, it occurred to me that I needed dish washing liquid, so I decided to run into another store and grab a bottle. When I entered the store there was an African american guy at the entrance. This however was not unusual because they always checked your bags at the door. So I walked past him but it took me a few minutes to become acclimated to the environment. As I proceeded down the aisle  suddenly it occurred to me that I had walked into an armed robbery.

The owners of the store were standing against the wall with their hands up while several young men were pointing guns at them. At seeing this, I walked back towards the door where the other young man was standing and asked him if I could leave. He nodded "no". So I took a seat on some boxes that were sitting near the front and just put my head down. Now can I tell you that I had never been so afraid in my life! I had never been face to face with a crime and had no idea how to respond. As I sat there thinking  * oh God please help me!, suddenly a peace came over me and I began to pray, not for myself or the other customers or the stores owners but rather for the boys committing the robbery.

As soon as I began to pray the guy on the door said *you are going to be alright baby" almost as though he had heard my prayer. In a few minutes they had cleaned out the registers and took all the things they wanted and left the store. Needless to say, I left after that with my heart racing. Now I said all this to say, that even in the midst of your greatest fear, God is there! So grab fear by throat and tell it to go and live your life fearlessly.... Namaste
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Thank you for taking the trouble to write this, it is comforting and encouraging. Your attitude of compassion towards the boys committing their crime was very commendable, you have a good soul. l have faced extreme fear so many times in my life and the last episode has left me in recovery mode for three years. Yet God has heard my prayers and always rescued or helped me so as you say we should have 'faith rather than fear'. Even if the worst happens and we lose our life here is 'physical' l know from personal experience of having temporarily 'died' that physical death is nothing to be feared and actually the short experience l had of life outside of the physical was wonderful and more real than this life even though it has left me with an attitude of caution in my dealings in life now because 'what l allow myself to become here has an impact on my soul life after physical death.Yet l am still susceptible to feelings of fear of people's cruelty to others and animals and even the cruelty of animals to each other yet l also know the soul can only learn through this experience our souls and animal souls a l learned that animals 'go on' after physical death just as we do. Excellent post. Many thanks.