Dark And Comely

I am dark but comely indeed,
my mothers egg and my fathers seed.

He was fair and she was dark,
but upon their path, I was not destined to walk.

Orphaned by the age of ten,
where they left off, I did begin.

I searched beyond the recesses of my mind,
trying to find something, they may have left behind.

Alcoholism or drug abuse, take your pick,
but please choose one of these quick.

His pain so great, he drank and drank,
her emotions so strong, for drugs she longed.

Where oh where did I fit into all of this,
a little girl lost, inside the abyss.

I loved them both and this I cannot' deny,
and often wonder, why they both had to die.

I made a deal with God out of my misery and pain,
I begged him to nurture me and not let me go insane.

He answered my prayer and flung open the gates from within,
and every time I failed, he said " go and try it again".

I often wanted to just give up,
Why must I drink from this bitter cup?

He said you are my creation and I only make the best,
and as far as I can see, you've passed every single test.

Thank you father for believing in me even when I did not.

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4 Responses Sep 22, 2012

Very well put together ,thanks for sharing.

By the way you've said Namasthe..how come?

You are an inspiration!

No, it is inspiring. you acknowledge a hard time, but not in a pitiful way, & you go on to embrace all the good things of life...inspiring:). Namaste to you too x

That's beautiful :)