God Always Says Yes !

The first time I heard this, I thought "Yeah right"! This was because I did not understand the true nature of God. God is spirit and they that worship him must do so in spirit and in truth!!! You see after my parent's died, for a while I lived with my grandmother, a fundamental christian and a baptist minister. Now my grandmother was a religious woman, who believed everything she read in the bible. She would often quote the bible just prior to whipping me, "The bible says, if you spare the rod, you will spoil the child" If she said this, *run for cover*.

She honestly believed that beating children was God's idea and her proof was written right there in the bible as plain as day, so she justified her abuse of me through scripture. I attended church with her every Sunday and I would listen to the minister say things like, "vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord". What kind of God was this, he let my grandmother beat me up at will, he killed my parents and I never got the things I specified on my Christmas list. I guess I partially blamed Santa for this one, but surely God must have known him and could have spoke up on my behalf. lol Basically, what I am trying to say is that we must come to know God for ourselves and enter into a personal relationship with him.

Through meditation and prayer, I learned that many of the things I had been taught about God's nature were fallacies, idea's filtered through the mind's of unthinking men! God showed me that kindness was his/her nature loving kindness. I learned that I had been praying amiss to a God who answered the prayers of some and ignored those of others. In my confusion, I believed that God was punishing me, chastising me for my sins. I didn't stop to consider that love was all around me and that I could access this love and wisdom at will. I didn't know that it was God's good pleasure to give to me the desires of my heart. In latin desire means of the Father!

I would pray for good things but they never came and not once did it occur to me that there were spiritual laws that needed to be applied, in order for me to receive the good that I prayed for. You see God is Law! First I had to ask, then I needed to believe and finally I had to expect it. You see I had been worshipping a God that men had created in their image, rather than the God who created us in his/her image! So if you halfheartedly ask for things, then no they probably wont manifest, however if you apply the law under which manifestation is governed then God will always say Yes! Namaste
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Wow, l feel blessed to have found your work on EP, Spiritchild333, your words above have 'opened my understanding just at the moment l needed it'. My grandmother was just like yours! she was a lay preacher and believed too that children should be beaten (though thankfully never me) but my siblings and cousins received that treatment and like you l was made to attend chapel on Sundays and other days and helped her clean it sometimes but l loved it and her!. since my NDR l no longer hold those religious views. l admire you for understanding that 'kindness' is all God wants us to learn, it took my ndr for me to realise that fact.

That was so beautiful