So You Want To Be Communist

 Isn't it funny how all these want to be communist live in a free America , taking advantage of our freedoms while undermining them at the same time?

Taking the prayer out of school was the first step, Women Liberation was the next step, now they want to ridicule you for your Christian beliefs and step out of the way for other religious sects. Cover Christian Icons at catholic universities where the President speaks and Obama has the nerve to proclaim the U.S. is Muslim country, just who the F--- is this American impostor. As we creep ever so more closer to communism, remember how the communist treat people who disagree with their plans. This video shows what Stalin did to the Ukrainian people

It will be too late when the hammer falls on your freedom. Everyone is each equal in a communist country B-LL SH-T. The people at the top will still be free and able to pick and choose what ever they want, even if it's to take your children from you. Here in the U.S, with the help of Monsanto they'll be able to starve you to death with food that has been genetically modified so you can absorb the nutrients, and Communist McCain has proposed a bill to control and limit vitamins and nutrients,  so eat till your full, your dead anyway.

The just deserts of it all is when the real powers are through with  these puppets, they won't be worth any more than the rest of us. Just like Hitler's Brown Shirts, they will disappear into the night.


Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Anyone that has aided in the agenda will be the first to get stepped on because they will be the very ones to realize it was all a ruse and they were only being used to accomplish the ultimate goal. You may think you're a liberal in America but you are only a disillusioned minion of the communist game plan. There are no grey areas in the game plan it's either freedom or no freedom