I Need Financial Help!

I need to find someone who can help me find a place that is willing to help me get money to my fiances daughter she is in the uk going to college and she wants to come here to stay with me her dad is staioned in Aftghanistan and she wants to come to live with me she is 17 and she has no family but her dad her mom died when she was 10 and she had to stay with friends for 7 years and shes not happy there and shes feeling very lonely and she wants so badly to come and stay with her new mom to be while waiting for her dad to get home, I have grown to love her like she was mu own kid i sent her some money but it wasnt enough for the flight I took out a loan for that and used my car as collateral I need about 2000 dollars to get her here that would finish what i sent her for her to get here she would so like to be here for christmas I never knew it cost so much but with the taxes and all it will take that much if i had the money i would send it to her but right now Im unemployed because of the osteoarthritis I have Im in alot of pain so i cant work right now, if anyone out there knows of someone who could help me I would appreciate it so much. Thanks Cindy H.
cjd1960 cjd1960
51-55, F
Dec 4, 2012