How Could Some One Be So Stupid!!!!!

I was driving to the city yesterday when the radio station broke into news, it was about the shooting in the school. My heart just about quit, I got so sad again, tears began to roll down so I had to pull over at a gate for awhile.
LIKE HOW STUPID COULD SOME BE, WHAT AN IDIOT HE MUST HAVE BEEN, HE MOST CERTAINLY WAS A COWARD as far as I am concern. Also why kill children, is it because they can not fight back, I think it is, why did he not pick on a man, I think he was afraid to because a man would have beat the crape out of him!!!!!
How could some one go into a school kill his mother, and then kill small children!!!!
I just want to extend my sympathy to all those familys even though I am Canadian, even though I do not know these familys, it is a terrible thing to go through at this time of year or any time of the year as far as I am concern. I am just so SAD right know.
I know these little children are in GODS arms right now, GOD is crying with them right now for I know GOD has special feelings for children, and I know all these children are in heaven with him as we speak, children should be special to every one and are very special to GOD. This gives me comfort to know this and I hope it gives all of you comfort. A priest told me ounce a while back when a small child dies for what ever reason they automaticly go to heaven. And I believe this.
Why is it our school or your school even should have to start locking doors and keeping them locked all day. I have said this a long time now Why is it people need to be even near school if they have no reason to be there. You see it all over, someone is just outside the fence, it does not matter what time it is, and why is it children need to take vehicles to school!
So I am writting this story so I can express my feeling and I hope others well reply to it so you can express your feelings. Bye
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Dec 15, 2012