How To Give Her A Good Body Massage

Items needed:

- Comfortable area: Bed / Floor / Table. Something were both of you can climb onto.
- Oils: Preferably something smooth and silky. My personal favorite is Baby Oil.
- Towels & Warm Water: To clean up after you finish.
- Clean sheets: One for under, and one to cover your partner.
- Soft tunes: Nothing overly erotic, simply something soothing.

First and foremost:

Make your partner comfortable. This means ask them to remove their clothes. If they wish, you may do the same, but please remember that this is a massage session and not a sexual encounter.

The second rule of the massage:

As stated above, this is a massage, therefore you must avoid the obvious sexual body parts. No rubbing her breasts, nipples or pubic areas.

The order of the massage:

This is an important part of the massage. Keep a general order on how you wish to perform the massage. By doing so, you know where you have massaged and where you are going next. If you perform massages often, you may want to vary the order, this way your partner will not be expecting your touch in certain areas each and every time.

This is my order, please feel free to use them at your discretion:

I usually start with my partner on her stomach, covering her with the sheet, leaving her shoulders exposed. Always remember to never remove both your hands from your partner’s body. Always keep some contact with them.

- Temples: I always start at the temples, the source of all tension. I gently stroke in circular motions, applying a soft touch. Going clockwise, then counter clockwise, you can relieve most of her tension in only a few minutes.

- Neck: Rubbing her neck with both hands, one on each side starting at the base of your partner’s head working down toward her shoulders. Using your thumbs, rub the spine downward. As you come back up, remove your thumbs, running your fingers up the side of her neck. Repeat as above.

- Shoulders: The bearer of all problems a person experiences. Applying proper pressure to the shoulders can make your partner feel relaxed and more comfortable for the rest of the massage.

- Arms: Now you must choose an arm and massage that arm, and only that arm first. Starting from the shoulder run your hands down the arm to the elbow and back. After massaging the upper arm, proceed to the lower arm, stopping at her wrist. After the lower arm, take her hand and massage the back of it and each individual finger. After completely the entire arm, return to shoulder and gently rub the entire arm from shoulder to hand. Now repeat the same to the other arm.

- Back: This section is for the upper back, just above the dip in the lower back. Starting with rubbing the spine, work outwards. From the spine, rub your hands toward her arms, working downward as you go.

- Lower Back: As above, working from the spine outward. Concentrate on just above the tailbone. Most people experience discomfort here, so please be careful and gentle. Remember, stay away from her bottom, but you can massage her hips. (More hip massage is covered when she turns over)

- Thighs: Now you want to break down the legs as we did for the arms. Start with the thighs working not only the back of her leg, but the sides. She may be ticklish, so if she says she is, don’t dwell in that area. Nothing kills a good massage than a fit of laughter.

- Calves: have you ever heard a woman not complaining how her calves hurt? This is the perfect way to satisfy her without sexual intercourse. The main area to concentrate here is the lower leg, right above her ankles.

- Feet: Another sensitive area. If she is extremely ticklish, you may want to bypass this area. Do the same here as you did for the hands. Rubbing the inside of her foot, and then rubbing each individual toe. After completing the toes, run your hands up her leg to her bottom, avoiding her crotch please. Now repeat the last three steps to her other leg.

Now we have completed the first stage of the massage. Your partner should be very relaxed. This is where is it important that you are able to lie beside her. Lay down, your face near hers, but don’t speak unless she speaks to you. Run your hand along her back in soft lingering motions. About this time, she should have a smile on her face (Hopefully!)

About two minutes is quite satisfying, but you may go longer. When you and your partner are ready, ask her to turn over onto her back. When she is comfortable, put the sheet over her again, covering her chest.

- Neck: This time you want to begin with her neck. Running your hands from just behind her ears to her shoulders. She may raised her neck to you, this is a normal reaction.

- Shoulders: As from behind, rub her shoulders from her neck to her arms. Do not go any lower than her collarbone.

- Arms: Now you want to concentrate on a single arm again, this time working the front of them. Again, another ticklish area is the crook if the arm, where it bends. Repeat as above, dividing the arm in three sections. Repeat for second arm.

- Chest: I know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not a breast massage. Here you want to massage from below her collarbone to her stomach, avoiding rubbing her breasts and nipples. I know guys, it is tempting, but resist the urge.

- Stomach: Gentle touches to her stomach are very pleasing. Work from the middle of her stomach toward the outside, rubbing her sides as you do. Be sure here again, you avoid rubbing her pubic mound.

- Hips: Her hips are in constant motion during the day, why not give them a good rub down? Take both hands and massage one side, kneading her sides gently. Then proceed to the other side.

- Thighs, Legs and Feet: As above, separate the legs into three sections, working on each leg separately.

This finishes the second part of the massage. What there’s more? Oh yes, one of the most important part of the massage.

Take your towel, washcloth, etc and dip it into the warm water. Run the towel along your partner’s body, wiping the oil off her body. Remember to refresh the towel often, as it may lose most of its heat with the oil.

Now, if you have followed the steps properly, and taken your time, your partner should be very relaxed and very satisfied. If you performed very well, she may return the favor, or even better, she will want to bed you immediately!

Most of all, have fun and relax. She will appreciate it.
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Dec 16, 2012