My Humming Birds

I sat out on my covered patio this morning for breakfast and bit of a wind blew and rattled an old wing chime I have hanging on the far end and it reminded me of a great day I had this past summer. To anyone else this old wind chime would look like its days are through but not to me, and a little hummingbird, it has special significance.
About 3 years ago I noticed a tiny nest on top of his little 7 inch long wind chime outside his sliding back door. Being a Hummingbird bird-lover I decided to take a closer look. Standing on a ladder I could not believe that a bird could fit into the tiny, acorn size nest. The nest was about half inch to an inch from the roof. I watched the nest carefully for the next 3 weeks. I had seen that in it was a little hummingbird. As I watched over the time I was able to see the little eggs hatch, the babies grow, and eventually fly away.
The next year I saw that the wind chime was getting pretty old and almost took it down but decided to leave it up, remembering the little birds from the year before. To my disappointment the bird did not return. Regardless of the fact the bird had found another place to call home I left the wind chime in the same location outside my back door.
This past June I think t was, while having a relaxing day outside on the patio I glanced up and to my amazement I saw the little hummingbird from 2 years prior, beginning to build a nest! So I again kept track of all the progress. I remember the day that I first saw the eggs and estimated that in 3 weeks when the babies should be flying away.
Now for the exciting part! Just this morning before I left for an appointment I saw the two, healthy, 3 week old babies in the nest. They were due to leave last Monday, but were still there. I arrived at the house this afternoon and while walking in daughter told me that one of the birds had left the nest. Our whole family had of course also been keeping up with the news on the babies progress. I went out to the back yard to see the nest and to my horror saw that one of the babies had fallen out of the nest!
The twist to the story is that it had not landed on my homemade net (which I designed and placed under the wind chime just in case an incident like this one would occur) but was hanging from both of its legs that had gotten stuck to the spider web on the nest. The baby was chirping and I quickly got a ladder and a spoon to scoop it up and also some nail clippers to free it's trapped legs. I did just that but one of the legs I could not get loose and I had to leave the baby in the nest pecking at the web that was attached to its little leg. In all the commotion the other baby had been frightened and fell, or glided down to the ground. After making sure the bungee jumping baby was out of harm, I quickly grabbed a measuring cup and a pot lid to get the other baby back to its nest also. I was so relieved when it was over and both babies were back and the mommy had come to feed them.
To my surprise the ordeal was just beginning. The baby with its trapped foot was still trying to get loose and the Mom had also been pecking at the web to free it. While they were both working on that, the other baby decided to give flying another try and flew into the lemon tree just outside the patio. I was so excited and overjoyed to see him fly for the first time. The mother continued to feed them both, which looked like a pretty tiring job! I left for the store and upon my return the little bird was nowhere to be found, while the other one was still safe and sound in the nest and had gotten his leg free from the web. I walked up to the back door and all of a sudden the mother started buzzing around my head, very close to me. I walked around the back yard looking to see if I could find the other little baby bird. As I stopped and listened for a minute I heard the baby, (I was able to recognize it because it was chirping the first time it had fallen to the ground) and it sounded like it was coming from a nearby bush. I went to the bush but could not find the bird. I decided to sit and let the mother show me where the baby was when she flew down to feed it. As I sat there I realized, by the mother again frantically flying around me, that she too did not know where her baby was! It was kind of funny because we were all looking for the little bird, even the mother!! I eventually pulled two of the leaves apart from the bush and saw that the baby was stuck, wedged between them. I again carefully removed the bird from the bush and set it on the grass. The mother quickly flew to her little one and began feeding it.
The baby rested for a while and then just flew away. All in all I think one could say it was quite a day. First saving sky diving and bungee jumping birds and then doing a little search and rescue, and finally watching the little one begin his life in the wild!
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I like birds, and have had the opportunity to help the momma bird out also , and i think they know you are helping and appreciate it.

we had an incident where a bird was stuck in our garage, and could not fly out. The poor thing was exhausted from fluttering about. it allowed my husband to scoop her up and place her on a ledge out doors. the bird recovered, but before she flew off, she landed on my husband's shoulder.. i think it was her way of saying...thank you .

I had a fun thing happen in England. I was planting flowers, and had my long handled shovel just stuck in the ground. A robin came around, and landed on the shovel and sat there. But, as i was planting, I found earthworms. She flew down, and scooped one up, flew to her nest, gave it to her babies, and then came back to perch on the shovel, waiting for ME, to find her more worms...hmmmm...She was one smart little bird..And sassy..She would chirp loudly at me, as if to say...hurry up lady..I don't have all day..i have hungry mouths to feed.