Broken Dreams

As a Mother of four i always thought my Mother and i would be close truth is i do not talk to her much anymore.We just cannot stay in the same place for long periods of time without an arguement occuring.I love her for all she has endured (Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer)but we just do not get along.She divorced my father when i was five and left us five children behind. Four girls one boy for another men and i havent spoken in 18 years now long story.its just been hard not having either really in my life. In away i feel abandonded by them.all these years and even today at 54years old it still a struggle for me to endure but life goes on and i must endure live and be happy my own way.....

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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Most people especially parents can't admit their own faults but by her being around, not bring up the past, maybe hoping all bad feeling blow away and maybe she's thinking the two of you can make up for list time.

Regrettably no one like to admit faults,
Say I'm Sorry, Nor try to correct any annoying habit that gets in the way of moving the relationship forward.

Sadly, we have more ways to communicate but SUCK at solving problems. So communication evolves over time yet the way people relate to each other never progresses, exponentially. You'd figure over time relationships and the way people treat each better and relate to each other would be much better with these advances yet people still get treated poorly now. So have people really progressed or are any better off ?

Good Luck !!!

Thank you i try ..