When I Was Young.....wildest Party Story (true Story)

i was about 13yrs old and me and all my neighborhood buddies through a house party in an abandoned building directly across the street from my house LOL imagine asking your mom can you go to a friends bday party up the street to then seeing and hearing what looked like a nightclub coming from 2floors directly across the street. And another problem just to add on to all that was that, to prevent the party from being a complete dud we extended the invite to not just only direct friends but random people around the neighborhood, didnt help my buddy wiz! GO FIGURE, decided just incase they dont show up ill print up some flyers and hand those out too...COme party night...we heard crickets and felt like this was a complete disaster, lil did we know being 13-17 at the time..."when do house parties ever start at 5-6?" Now come 8-9 we literally started to see cars lined up in front and people getting dropped off some people are walking from around corners getting off the buses and we looked at eachother with excitement feeling as if we achieved our goal our efforts were worth it, LOOK AT ALL THESE GIRLS BRO!! being so caught up in excitement it didnt dawn on us that where the hell are all these people going to fit? we literally had the place so full some people were ok just holding down the rails all along the hallway and front stairs. for every person we tried to turn away they would try to latch on to any spot on the property just to claim there was still room for them....well by now its out of controll we have adults mingling with teenagers you can smell weed all in the air now confrontations are starting to heat up constant traffic trying to come in out up down...HECTIC! Chaos! next thing ya know two girls start to argue then there boyfriends and somewhere someone sprayed pepper spray...instantly the room stormed to the front door, people are getting trampled sum are opening up windows and even taking shirts off there bodies to cover there face..while what seemed like a thousand people(probably more like 300 ) were trying to run down the front and backstairs suddenly the swarm reverses and everyone starts running back up...police had swarmed the building and were coming up the back/front steps/hallway and asoon as everyone got the hint COPS all you seen was people reaching into there pockets and bags of weed condoms lighters cigarettes start to fly all over..within a minute or so the police had made there way up but didnt know where to start with the huge crowd so they blocked the back door stood at the front doorway and made us all leave one by one with a quick frisk and glance at our id's. Being that i was one of the people who started the party and had contributed we kind of stood behind in hopes we can figure out if we can take our equipment tables chairs etc. well by our luck there was so many kids and the process was so tedious that they just soon stopped frisking and taking ids and just started to let people poor out the building and make sure they just left the neighborhood. The cops went through the building one more time to make sure no one was left in there...by then we had unplugged our equipment and made sure to take out the only working light bulb in there and pack it up with our equipment....when the cops witnessed us gathering our things they said so your the ones behind this we said no sir we just so happened to have equipment and was asked to bring it by a neighborhood kid who was alot older then us and went by nickname...They bought the story said yea had to be some older kids theres no way some 13 yr olds would have the balls or brains to come up with the idea. They stood at the doorway like pissed off parents more then cops constantly repeating lets go fellas dont you have school in the morning...lol so we gathered up our stuff and were about to leave when we seeing the 5-6 officers debating if they should stick around till someone arrived to board up the doorways...my sarcastic lil friend runs home gets his dad who does construction yells at him papi the cops are trying to close the doors on the building get your tools to help them....his dad finally gets there with a drill and a waste belt full of screws and all the cops see him and assuming he was the sent help all start to sarcastically cheer on like finally u can fix it and we can get the hell out of here....so dad boards up both doorways cops are happy and so are we...problem is tho my friend went inside and said the cops NEED you to help them and ASKED for your help? so as everything is wrapping up cops getting back in cars shaking his hand he asked one of the spanish lady cops....playfully, NO PAy NO PAy come on....they put 2 and 2 together laught it off write up a report and he's given a number, i never had proof of it but i was told dad got $300 from the city and as for the weed cigarettes condoms etc left behind all over the floor, well we knew where that drill gun was now so....lets just say we had fun the next weekend too except we just kept it a little private...300 people was just a little too much...LOL
hwood773 hwood773
26-30, M
Jan 22, 2013