I Ride Everyday

I ride my bike everyday to work, is just 5 miles going and weel 5 back. So I get 10 miles of mountain everyday whis is a nice workout, its amazing to see how much you can improve every week or everyday really. On my free day I just have to go and take a long ride becouse I feel really comfortable on my bike. I had to learn my bicycle mechanics and really how to use my gears uphill. I live in a rural area so traffic and crime are really low, nothing of concern, sometime in the near fture I will love to start doing some competitions and well do more that commuting.
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I was a cycle courier in London for about 4 years, notching up an average of about 75 miles a day, every day. Probably about 45000 - 50000 miles in total. My bike has been in the shed for six years, and I've thrown away the key.

Thanks Wilbury, now I am riding 100-120 km three times a day, still my old bike I have had all my life. But no money :(, if I wan´t on my bike I will have to walk. I will love to ride with a group or in some event.

Congratulations. It's good for your body and also the environment. I find it's a great way to start and end my work days and I need to do it more regularly. If you like riding you can find some group rides on any weekend and also big events like centuries (yup, 100 miles) often to raise money for charities. I hope you reward yourself for riding faithfully by buying some accessories or some good riding gear with all that money you are saving by not driving.