The Difference Between My Culture And Spanish Culture

Well.... considering i have lived like 21 years in my country Saudi Arabia, and now i am studying in barcelona since april 2011, therefore i did make a lot of observations regarding the main cultural differences between these two countries, for now i will state only 5 very briefly ....

1- The equal rights for females, considering i am not allowed to even apply for a license in my country, barcelona (spain) is totally different. Females have access to all the opportunities which males have and that is a huge difference and kind of a pleasant shock for me as well.

2- Sense of respect for opinions, criticism in my country is considered a crime itself, i can't criticize against any unjust rules against females considering i will be locked up in jail. I guess that is the difference between dictator ship / king ship and democracy.

3- Sex is not a taboo, considering sex other than husband in my country is death penalty, so no dates concept is there at all, being a lesbian and gay in my country is death penalty so that is certainly a huge difference. This extends to the point that we females do not have generally the liberty to chose our own husbands, this is done by our parents, so and so the first time we see our husbands is on our wedding nights, which is not happening here in spain.

4- I wore a veil/hijab since childhood, so all u cud see are my eyes if ur in saudi arabia, i have a beach close to my house and i can't even enjoy sun on my skin there, on the other hand spain/barcelona is very liberal and that is the beauty of it, from scarf to skirt from g strings to topless on beach, everything is acceptable here which shows respect for opinions in clothing as well.

5- The best part is the festivities, it is a lively country, there are occasions to celebrate and enjoy for both females and males :)
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May 11, 2012