My First Judo Nationals Experience

I woke up at 2am on a Friday, and spent 3 hours on a plane, then hopped off and spent another 2 hours on another immediately. The only good about that was the fact that breakfast was served twice. It was freezing in Canberra! The first day inside the Judo Hall seemed warm, but maybe that was just everyones body heat, making it so.. then the 2nd day came.... wowee! I had to fight on a Sunday and as the days went by, so did the people. The numbers kept getting lower and lower. At weigh in for the young women division I had to be under 52kg to be in the division I wanted, but unfortunately the two breakfasts I had eaten on Friday and the cold weather weighed me in at 52.4kg! Can you believe it!!! So the next devision up was under 63kg. Not particularly far because I weighed myself the day of my fight and bam!!! there I was weighing 51.6kg. My coach told me not to worry, because I'm lighter and a tiny bit faster then the heavy people, so I didn't worry. My first fight I lost. My 2nd fight I won. My team laughed at me because I kept holding the girl down even after the referee had yelled out "MATE" half a million times. When she escaped my hold down I looked at the score board and on it was..... "IPPON!!!" WOO!! And my 3rd fight... haha! I don't really remember that one.. First second I was on my feet moving towards the black belt, and next.. WOOSH!! There I am on my back. It was a great experience though. A lot has been learnt from it. I got 4th so i'm pretty proud. This was after all my first nationals. The team did a fantastic job as well. This year we brang 9 people to Canberra to compete. Biggest team Malanda has brang down so far apparently. We brought home a Gold, Silver and 2 Bronze Medals. Next time I hope we can bring many more home.

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1 Response Jun 15, 2009

Wow, you should be incredibly proud of yourself and your team! To place 4th is no small matter at all. You mentioned stepping towards the black belt, are you 1st kyu or shodan?