I don't know since I complain so much.

like when i was working, complained about stress, unhelpful colleagues and OT-ing almost everyday.
I Complained about how people are bing trained by society to accept stupid things like hypocrisy and sucking up as normal.
I complained about how my boss thinks that I MUST OT even when I am not a full-time worker.

then i complained about not being able to get a part time job after I quit.
then about how bad i sang in KTVs. and about how my parents are forcing me to get a job.
and then about school and money.

Ok, just pratically everything.
But sometimes I think, I am just lost and insecure, becoz I do not like the path everyone thinks that everyone else should  be taking.Cmapl? ?
dunneedtonoe dunneedtonoe
May 13, 2012