The Day We Became Girls

The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter 1

My Brother Tommy and I headed over to my Girlfriends to stay the night, since my Mom was working late at the hospital. My Mom and my girlfriend's Mom are good friends and felt better having us stay over.

I was looking forward to spending the night with my Alison. She always wore leotards since she was a gymnast, and she was really cute and sweet.
I'm still not sure how I ended up with a nice girl like her. I had long hair and I was skinny, with not a lot of muscle to me. My brother, Tommy, had long hair like me too. I think he was following in my foot steps. He was only 8, and I looked out for him a lot.

We walked up to my girlfriend's place and knocked on the door. They were well off her, since her Dad was a lawyer, and her Mom was an inventor. I was always treated like part of the family when I was there. The door opened and there was Alison in a cute, black and silver leotard. I smiled at her, then she jumped into my arms and kissed me softly.

"Ewww! :Get a room you two." Tommy said, as he shook his head.

"Still cute as always Tommy. I missed you, Nick. Do you like my Leo?" Alison asked me, with her arms still holding me close.

"Yes, I do. You look really cute in it" I smiled, then picked her up and carried her inside and sat down on the couch with her. Tommy followed us in and sat down in a chair.

Alison snuggled up with me and I was enjoying every second of it. On the TV there was a Gymnastics meet, and I idly watched it with Alison as we snuggled. Tommy started watching it too, then started getting really into it, and cheering.

"Where are your parents, Alison?" I asked her.

"Oh, Dad is in court. He won't be home for awhile, and Mom is out getting food." She said, nuzzling my neck.

Suddenly my Brother blurted out "I wish I was a pretty gymnast!"
I blinked, not knowing what to say or do.

Alison perked up and smiled at him. She said, "If you really want to Tommy, I can make it happen".

"Really? You can? I would like that so much!" then he looked at me nervously, and asked, "Is it okay if Alison makes me a girl, Nick?"

I looked at Tommy and smiled. "Yes of course." I replied. I was kind of curious as to what he would look like, myself.

Alison got up and kissed me on the cheek. "You're such a great brother." she said. Then she held out her hand to Tommy, saying, "Come with me please."

Tommy took her hand and walked with her into her room, and closed the door. I went back to watching TV. About 30 minutes went by, and I heard a girly squeal, then lots of giggling. Alison walked out of her room, followed by a cute little girl in a red leotard.

I blinked, and looked over at the girl. I couldn't see any signs of her being a boy.

"Tommy is that really you?" I asked.

She giggled, then spoke in a cute girl's voice "Yes! Its me, and please call me Tammy! Nick, what do you think?"

"Wow!” I exclaimed. You look really cute, and I like your leo, but how?" I said, smiling at her. I still couldn't believe she was really my brother.

Tommy ran over to be and gave me a really big hug. I'd never seen him this happy before. I hugged her back, then she curled up beside me.

Alison came back over and snuggled up with me again. She looked at me and said,

"Well, you know my Mom is an inventor. She made special underwear, and a pill that lets boys look, and feel, like girls. So when Tommy said he wanted to be a pretty gymnast, I thought 'why not let him try it?' Oh, and the leotard is mine from when I was younger. She can keep it".

I looked at her, then at Tammy, trying to think what to say. "So, he really feels like a girl then? How long will it last?"

Alison smiled at me. "Don't worry. The pill's effects only last for a few hours, and the underwear comes off." Then she grinned at me like she had a plan. "I bet you would look really cute in a leotard." She said, slyly.

I blinked at her and shook my head. "You can't be seriously thinking about turning me into a girl too?"

Tammy smiled at me, then spoke up in his cute girl's voice. "Please big brother! Be my big sister for me?" he pleaded.

Alison giggled, then whispered into my ear. "Please Nick? I will make it worth your while, and I kind of want you to be my girlfriend." Then she pulled me close and kissed me deeply.

"Um okay, I guess, but I better not look silly." I shook my head. How could I say no to her?

Alison stood up and took my hand. "Don't worry, I can make you look pretty." Then she led me into her room. Tammy smiled at me as she sat on the chair.

Alison's room was a fair sized room and she had her own bath room. She led me into the bathroom and started running the tub. I looked at her, saying, "Why are you turning on the tub?"

"Well, you do need to smell pretty, and shave your arms and legs first, Nick.” She smiled at me, then put bubble bath into the water.
"You're kidding, right? And what will my Mom say when she sees I don't have any hair on my arms and legs?"

"It will be fine Nick, just trust me on this okay, please?" She hugged me close and kissed me.

"Ok Alison. I trust you. I was wondering why you wore your Leo today. I thought you didn't have practice today?" I smiled at her and rubbed her Leotard.

"I wore it for you. I know you like seeing me in them, and they're comfy to wear." She smiled, then wiggled her butt. "Now hop into the tub and shave so I can make you pretty. I'll be waiting. Here's a robe for you to put on."

She handed me a robe then left the bath room, closing the door behind her. I took off my clothes and slipped into the bubbles, sitting back in the tub. It was so relaxing. I got clean and grabbed a razor. I didn't really have a lot of hair on me to shave off, but I put some shaving cream on me and started shaving my legs, taking my time, and being careful. When I was done, I shaved my arms and chest. They felt so smooth.

"Are you almost done in there?" Alison called from her room.

"Yeah. I just got done shaving my arms. I'll be out shortly." I called back.

"Ok, but before you come out use some body wash. It will make you smell pretty, and you'll like it too."

"Um... okay, I will" I took some body wash and rubbed it on me.

She was right, it did smell good, and made my legs and body even smoother. I still couldn't believe I was going to be turned into a girl. Part of me was very curious what it would be like, and a part of me was a bit worried about what my Mom and everyone would say. I got out of the tub and dried off. I put the robe on and grabbed my clothes, then I pulled the plug and left the bathroom. Alison was sitting on her bed.

She smiled brightly as I came out. "You have nice looking legs! Please come closer." I walked over and stood in front of her. She rubbed my legs and smiled. "You're going to look so pretty. Now lift your leg up and step into this."

I looked at what she had in her hands. It looked like a very realistic vagina! I stepped into it and she slipped it up my legs and adjusted it on me.

"Did your Mom invent that?" I asked her, looking at where my penis used to be.

"Yes she did. It reacts with the pill when you take it, so you could have sex as a girl if you wanted to." Alison smiled at me and winked. Then she put black spankies on me that Gymnasts sometimes wear under their Leotards.

I just nodded and let her do what she wanted to make me pretty. She took out two very real looking breasts and put some glue on my chest, then placed the breasts on my chest and held them in place for a few minutes. She blushed as she held them on my chest, and I smiled at her. I was looking forward to this more and more. She grabbed a black sports bra and slipped it over my head adjusting it so it looked right.

"All right, you can pick out one of my leos to put on, then I'll do your hair and make up. Nick wait your not a boy any more. How does Nicole sound to you?".

"I like it Alison. Oh, don't forget about the pill" I smiled at her and looked at her Leos till I found one I liked and slipped it on. It was comfortable to wear, and I liked how it felt on me. I couldn't wait to see what I looked like. Alison then handed me a pill, sat me down, and did my hair and make-up. I took the pill and waited till she was done.

"Ok Nicole. All done. Go and look in the mirror" I giggled and ran over to the full length mirror. I was stunned at the pretty girl in the leotard smiling back at me.

I couldn't believe the girl in the mirror was really me! I giggled even more. The pill was taking effect on me big time. I could feel my breasts moving and I was a little horny too. Alison came over and hugged me from behind, rubbing my body and playing with my breasts. I started moaning in a girls voice.

""Do you like it Nicole?" she asked me.

"Oo... my god! That feels amazing, Alison." I said in my now cute girl's voice.

Alison pulled me close and kissed me long and softly. "We'll fool around more later on, okay Nicole? Please stay like that for the rest of the night, okay? It will me so much to me".

"I will. I love the way I look and feel as a girl, and the leo is so comfy. I see why you like them now." I giggled and kissed her.

"Lets go and show your sister, Tammy, how pretty you are." Alison took my head and led me out of her room into the living room.

Tammy smiled at me when we came into the room, then got up and ran over to me, giving me a big hug. “You look so pretty, big sis, and your leo looks so cute on you." I hugged her back and smiled.

"Thanks Tammy. It's so comfy to wear."

We walked over to the couch when suddenly we heard the door open, and in walked Mrs. Conner, Alison's mom. I just stood there, looking worried.

The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter Two

Miss Conner looked at us, “You girls look really cute in your Leos, I should get the camera and take some pictures.” she said smiling at us.

I looked at her then at Alison still unsure what to say. Alison smiled at me then hugged me close, “Its ok Nicole I called Mom while you were in the tub and told her what was going on, She’s happy you like being a girl just relax.” Alison smiles at me.

Tammy ran over to Miss Conner and gave her a big hug and smiled up at her.

“Your to adorable, Tammy and Nicole. I’m not mad that your both girls now, just enjoy being girls.” she hugged Tammy back, then takes the pizza and movies and puts them on the table,” Come and eat, girls I got us movies to watch,too.”

I took a deep breath to relax. I was starting to like being a girl and wearing Leotards or maybe it was the pill affecting me, I wasn’t sure. I saw that my sister Tammy was enjoying it too. I got up and went over to the table and I looked at Miss Conner and smiled at her, “Miss Conner why did you make the pills and special underwear and breasts?” I asked her as I took a piece of pizza.

“I made them because I’m bi-Sexual and didn’t want to cheat on my husband. So some times he’s a she. I have pills that last longer too, if you want,” she smiled back at me.

“Um I don’t know about that right now, but thank you,” I smiled back and ate my pizza.

Tammy spoke up, “Can we take pics now, Miss Conner?”

“Ok Sweetie. then after, I’ll get you a night gown and some tights to wear to bed. Nicole, I’m sure that Alison has a night gown and tights for you to wear too,” said Miss Conner smiling at us both.

Miss Conner went and got her Camera, “OK, girls. Time to do some poses.”

I was really unsure what to do as I walked over Alison came over and pulled me from behide until our leos touched. It was a really nice feeling. I know she loved me no matter if I was Nick or Nicole. I loved her so much I want to be with her the rest of my life. Tammy was having no trouble posing at all. In the last pose, Alison pulled me close and kissed me softly.

“OK, girls. Time to watch the movies. go get your night gowns on, Tammy come with me sweetie,” Miss Conner said smiling at us and holding her hand out to Tammy.

Tammy walked over and took Miss Conner’s hand, “I’m having a really fun night, thanks Miss Conner.”

“Your welcome, Sweetie. Now lets go and find you a cute night gown and some tights,” Miss Conner said leading Tammy to her room.

I smiled at my sister as Alison took my hand and led me into her bed room. As soon as we got there, she led me to her bed and started making out with me. I kissed her back, I was getting really turned on as I felt her hand reaching down and rubbing between my legs while her other hand played with my breasts, I moaned softly.

“I love you, Nicole. I want to be with you forever,” Alison said nuzzling my neck.

“I love you too, Alison. I want to be with you now and forever, but, um what about Nick?” I asked her unsure if she liked me better as Nicole.

Alison held me close then looked me in the eyes “I love the both of you the same way that I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my fantasy. I really hope that I get to see Nicole more often. You look so cute in leos that you can keep it, OK? And I got a few more you can have if you want them.”

I smiled at her, then kissed her, softly, “I got the best girlfriend in the world. Thank you so much for turning me into Nicole. I love being a girl and wearing Leotards. We should put our night gowns on and go watch movies.”

I still couldn’t believe what I just said did I really like being a girl and what would my Mom say about it.

Alison giggled as she took of my leotard, I smiled at her and let her undressed me. She took off my sports Bra and spankies then slipped some pink panties on me and a cute blue night gown with a kitten on it.

“Sit down on the bed and I’ll put some tights on you. What colour do you want?” She asked rubbing my smooth legs

I sat down on the bed and smiled at her, “Um Black or Pink and do I get to undress you too?”

Alison took some black tights and rolled them up my legs, “Of course you can undress me Nicole.”

I rubbed my tights and blushed, the tights felt amazing on my legs. Alison smiled at me then sat on my lap I rubbed her body as I took off her leo she moaned softly. I took off her sports bra and spankies Then I slipped pink panties on her so we matched along with a cute pink night gown and black tights. I rubbed her legs and cuddled her close.

“Hurry up you two, the movie is about to start and I made popcorn for us,” said Miss Conner from the living room.

Alison smiled at me then took my hand and led me out to the living room. As we walked into the living room Tammy was in a cute blue night gown with Bunnies on it, wearing white tights and her hair was in a French braid.

“Hi Sis. I like you night gown you look cute it in,” Tammy said smiling at me.

“Thanks Tammy, I like your hair its adorable on you. I wish my hair looked that good,” I smiled back and sat down on the couch.

“Nicole, if you want, I can braid your hair too,” Miss Conner looked over at me.

“Please, Miss Conner. I would love it,” I said smiling brightly at her

Miss Conner came over and sat down beside me and started braiding my hair. I sat nice and still while she braided my hair. Alison smiled at me as her Mom did my hair I smiled back at her.

“There you go, Sweetie, all done,” Miss Conner said handing me a mirror.

I took the mirror and looked in the mirror, my jaw dropped because my hair looked really cute in a French braid.

“I love it! Thank you so much Miss Conner,” I said giving her a big hug

“Your very welcome, Nicole. Now lets watch some movies before it gets to late,” she said hugging me back.

Alison snuggled with Tammy and me as we watched 'Twilight', it was ok. Then we watched '50 First Dates', I really enjoyed it.Tammy was falling asleep Miss Conner picked her up and took her into the spare bed room and tuck her into bed. Then she headed to bed herself.

“Night you two, don’t stay up to late. You got one more day of school before March break,” Miss Conner said as she headed into her room.

"Night, Mom. See you in the morning,” Alison said waving to her Mom.

“Night, Miss Conner. Sweet dreams,” I said smiling at her.

Alison slid into my lap and kissed me deeply, I kissed back and rubbed her body. She smiled at me then took my hand and led me into her bed room. We made love. It was love, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was as a girl. We held each other close and drifted off to sleep I wondered what tomorrow would bring.

To be continued...

    The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter Three

I woke up early Alison was still holding me close I watched her sleep for a bit then kissed her softly. She woke up and smiled at me.

“Morning Nicole did you have a good sleep?” she asked me smiling at me

“Yes I did cuddling with you all night. I think the pill’s effect wore off” I said still unsure if I wanted to be Nicole again.

“Thank you I loved having a girl friend I’ll put some leos and pills in your back pack just in case you want to be Nicole again okay?” Alison said cuddling me.

“ Okay I had fun being your girl friend and nightgowns and tights are comfy to wear. ”  I said smiling at her.

Alison pulls me close and kisses me softly “we should get you back to looking like Nick for school”

I nodded and sat up on the bed. I looked down at my Body and smiled a little thinking I’m going to miss wearing a nightgown and tights. I thought to myself  that girls have a lot nicer clothes then boys do I’m lucky that I got to wear them for a little bit.

As I got dressed and changed back into Nick Again Alison was putting some things into my Back pack smiling to herself.

I looked over at Alison “Um can you help me take off theses” pointing to my fake breasts.

She looked over at me and smiled “are you sure you don’t want to go to school as Nicole? I have a pretty dress you can wear”

“Yes I’m sure I don’t want to, people wouldn’t know what to think” I said smiling at her.

Alison got the solvent then came over and put it on where the skin and fake breasts met they came off really easy. She smiled ant me then pulled me close and kissed me softly.

“Um Nick do you want to pick out a leo for me? I have Gymnastics this morning” She said cuddling me.

“I would love, to you can model them to if you want” I said smiling brightly at her.

“Of course I will” She said playfully punching me in the arm.

I smiled at her then finished getting dressed. I stood up “Where are your leos?” I asked her looking around her room.

“In my top dresser” Alison said pointing to her dresser.

I went and opened the drawer I smiled I was in leotard Heaven she had so many cute leos I wanted to see her in everyone of them. I picked out two I liked and brought them over to her she smiled at me then striped right in front of me then put on her spankies and sports bra.

“Would you like to put a leo on me?” She asked me being all sexy.

I nodded then slipped a black and white Leotard on her then adjusted it .She kissed me softly and modeled it for me.

“You look really cute in that one Alison” I said smiling at her.

She giggled at me and wiggled her butt. I was really enjoying this I feel like the luckiest guy n the world.She slipped off the leo and pick up the blue one and looked at me. I got  then went and put it on her I saw it had a zipper so I zipped it up for her. She smiled at me then posed.

“I like that one it brings out your eyes” I said smiling at her.

I turned as I heard a knock on the door “Nick its me Tommy can I come in please?”

Alison went and opened her door Tommy was standing there looking a bit down Alison picked him up and hugged him tightly. Tommy smiles up at her trying to cheer up.

“What’s wrong sweetie? Do you miss being Tammy?” Alison says as she sits down on the bed with him.

Tommy nodded “Yes I really like being Tammy now that I’m a boy again I don’t feel right”

I looked at Tommy and smiled softly at him I wanted him to be happy and I really liked have a sister “I’m sure if you talk to Mom you might get to be Tammy on March Break”

Tommy smiled at me and hugged Alison “ I like your leo thank you so much for everything I love being a girl I hope I can be a gymnast like you one day”

“Thanks Tommy and you never know maybe one day you will be” she said smiling at him.

I smiled at him them gave them both a big hug “we should go and have breakfast before we go to school”
Alison nodded then put a pair of shorts and a shirt over her leo then took Tommy’s hand and lead him downstairs I grabbed my back pack and followed them. As we got downstairs we could smell breakfast being cooked we headed into the kitchen Miss Conner was wearing an apron we smiled at her.

“Do you need any help Miss Conner?” Tommy asked really nice.

“No its almost done sweetie please sit down” Miss Conner said smiling at him

We all sat down and waited for breakfast to be done. Miss Conner put the eggs and bacon on the table then poured us each a glass of orange juice. She sat down at the table smiling at us.

“Thank you Miss Conner I had a really fun night I hope me and Tommy can stay over again.” I said smiling at her.

“Maybe you and Tommy can stay over one day during the March break will all do something fun again”. Miss Conner said still smiling at us.

Tommy was smiling brightly at me and Miss. Conner as he ate breakfast It was great to see him in a better mood. We finished eating then got ready to head to School Alison took my hand and smiled at me.

“I’ll see you in the afternoon at School after practice ok Nick?” Alison said smiling at me.

“Ok sounds like a plan we can have lunch together” I said smiling back at her.

Alison put her arms around me and kissed me long and softly I held her close and kissed her back.

“There that should last you till I see you at School” Alison said holding me close.

I smiled back at her “I’ll be thinking of you all day”

“Ok you two love birds its time to get you all to School and Gymnastics practice. I’ll drop you boys off at school first then take Alison to practice.” Miss Conner said grabbing our backpacks and handing them to us.

Miss Conner locked the door then we All headed to her Car and got in. Tommy sat in the back with me and Alison he seemed to be a better mood.

“Tommy if you want I can ask my Gymnastics teacher if you can join the School, You already have lots of leos to wear” Alison said smiling at Tommy.

“Oh please Ask Alison your teacher I really want to take Gymnastics and I  wearing leos” Tommy said sounding really excited.

“Ok I will sweetie and maybe we can get your Big Sis to join to” Alison said winking at me.

I shook my head and kept to myself I was unsure about being Nicole around other people and besides I had soccer I don’t think I could do both. We pulled up to Tommy’s School and I gave him a big hug.

“I’ll see you after Soccer try outs big guy Mom will pick you up” I said ruffling his hair up.

Alison Gave Tommy a big hug to and smiled at Him “Have a good day at School Tommy”

“ Bye Miss Conner thanks again for the fun night I will see you guys later” Tommy said getting out of the car waving.

“Your Welcome Sweetie” Miss Conner said waving to him.

Next we drove to my School it wasn’t far From Tommy’s School I often picked him up from School. When we got to my School I saw my best friend Rob out front waiting he waved to me when he saw us pull up. I waved back to him Alison looked at him then looked at me and smiled.

“He would make a cute girl to I think” Alison said smiling Brightly at me.

“Um I don’t think he would want to be a girl, I’ll see you at Lunch Alison” I said in a bit of a rush.

Alison made a cute pouty face at me “What no kiss for me?”

I Smiled at her then reached over and gave her a long soft kiss on the lips. I hugged her and Miss Conner.

“Thank you both for the fun night hope we can do it again” I said getting out of the Car.

“Your Welcome Nick have a good Day at School” Miss Conner said hugging me back.

“Bye Nick see you at Lunch” Alison said waving to me.

I smiled at them and waved as the drove off then walked up to Rob.

“Hey what’s up Dude?” Rob asked me.

“Not much I had a Great night and I’m looking forward to soccer” I said smiling.

“ That’s Great Man I heard we’ll get to watch the Cheerleaders while we practice”  Rob said grinning at me.

“Nah I’m good I’d rather watch Alison in her leotard” I said trying not to blush.

“Yeah your a lucky guy to have a girl like her. We should head to class” Rob said smiling.

We headed inside and went to class most of the Morning was pretty boring I was looking forward to lunch with Alison. Lunch time finally got here I headed to the cafeteria with Rob we always sat together he was a great friend.  We walked into the cafeteria and spotted Alison at a table we got in line and ordered lunch I got a BLT and Rob got some Stew and we each got a coke. We went and sat down at the table. As I sat down Alison slipped into my lap and took my hand and put it under her shirt to show me she was still wearing her leo. I smiled brightly at her.

“Hey you I’ve been thinking of you all day” Alison said nuzzling my neck.

“I was thinking of you all Day to” I said nuzzling her back.

“So Um are you guys ready for Drama Class Miss Becker said she had something different planned for us today” Rob asked us.

“I have no idea what she has planned for class I saw her bringing in a Box on a Dolly Earlier” Alison said looking at us.

“I wonder what’s in the Box, I guess we’ll find out after lunch” I said cuddling Alison.

We all sat quietly eating wondering what was Drama class was going to be like it was our favorite class we always so much fun. The Bell Rang signaling it was time to go to class Alison got up and took my Hand I got up and we all headed to Drama class.

“You two are adorable” Rob Smiled at us

“That’s because Alison is an amazing girl” I said smiling at her.

“Aww your so sweet Nick” Alison said blushing a bit.

We walked into drama class and sat down together. The class filled up quickly Miss Becker walked in shortly after smiling at everyone.

“Today Class we’re going to do something different your going to pick out costumes from a box and act out that character for the rest of the class then walk around the school. I’ll be taking pictures” Miss Becker said looking at us All.

“So who would like to be first?” Miss Becker asked looking around as everyone raised their hands except Rob.

“Miss Becker look right at him “Rob please come up and pick a costume out of the box”

Rob got up slowly and walked over to Miss. Becker looking unsure.

Miss Becker opened the huge box inside you could see a bunch of smaller boxes in side it.

“Go ahead and pick one Rob” Miss Becker said smiling at him.

Rob Nodded and looked at the boxes none of them had names on them. He picked one up and looked in side it and gulped. Miss Becker pecked at the costume then looked over at Alison “please come and help Rob Alison”

Alison hugged me and got up and walked over to them. I watched quietly.

“Lets go and get you into your Costume Rob” Alison said smiling at him.

“Alison you might as well grab a costume to sweetie” Miss Becker said.

“Ok Miss Becker” Alison said grabbing a box.

Alison took Rob’s hand and led him to the change rooms. I was really starting to wonder what costume Rob got. Each of the kids walked up one at a time and picked up and box and went and changed I walked up and picked out a box and looked inside it was a joker Costume. I smiled and went and changed. I didn’t have any trouble putting it on but I didn’t have a clue how to do the face paint I opened the change room door and waved over Miss Becker.

“Can you um help me with the face paint please Miss Becker” I asked her.

“Of course I will Nick and your costume will go good with Rob’s” Miss Becker said smiling at me

“Now sit down and I’ll paint your face for you” She said pointing to a chair.

I sat down really wondering what costume Rob had on. Miss Becker painting my face it was so relaxing. I closed my eyes I heard people walking over to me.

“Why Hello there Mister J” I heard a girl sounding like Harley Quinn.

“Ok your face is done Nick you can open your Eyes” Miss Becker said.

I open my eyes thinking it was Alison I blinked at the two girls standing in front of me. Alison was dressed as Miss Marvel and I didn’t have a clue who the second girl was. I decided to take a wild Guess at who she was.

“Rob is that you dressed as Harley?” I asked the girl unsure.

She nodded and put her arms around me “Yes its me Mister J what do you think?”

I blinked at her I couldn’t believe that this cute girl dressed as Harley was Rob.
Alison smiled and sat on my lap

“He didn’t want to be Harley at first I told him it was just a costume and to have fun with it. I did his make-up for him and add a few things to make him look me female” Alison said smiling brightly at me.

“Ok you two Lets take your picture “ Miss Becker said taking out her Camera.

We both stood up and posed While Miss Becker took a picture of us.

We walked out of the change room still in character everyone was sitting around in costumes their was so many miss Becker went about taking pictures She called over Alison to pose with the other people dressed as Superheroes.

“Miss Becker can you take a picture with me and Nikki? Please” Alison asked.

“Of Course Alison I will ok you two pose” Miss Becker said to them.

I know Alison was a big fan of Spider-Women I saw how happy she was that her friend was dressed as Her. I smiled at her and waved at them. Nikki was also the Head Cheerleader her Alison taught her a lot of flips and tricks.

“Where’s my kiss Mister J?”  Harley asked me pulling on my arm.

I blinked at him he was really getting into the character I was unsure about kissing my best friend. Alison walked over to me and whispered to me.

“Its okay Nick I know you how much you love me and would never cheat on me go ahead a give her a little kiss”

“Please my pudding?” Harley asked me again

I blinked at them both and thought they’ll keep bugging me if I don’t. So I put my arms around Harley and kissed her softly on the lips. I thought of Alison while I kissed Her, I had a strange feeling about Harley.

“ I never told you I was Gay Nick I was worried what you would think of me I didn’t want to lose your friendship I hope things don’t change between us” Harley whispered to me.

“Rob it doesn’t matter to me if your Gay this doesn’t change anything you’re my best friend and will be no matter what. Did Alison give you a special pill and things to make you look and feel more female?” I whispered back to her.

“Yes she did um how did you know?” She whispered back

“Um well Yesterday I was a girl to” I said quietly unsure what he would think of me.

“Really that’s Great Mister J” Harley said doing a few Cartwheels around the room. I smiled at Her I had a feeling Rob was enjoying being a girl.

A few Girls clapped loudly as Harley did the cartwheels then walked over to her

“ Those chart wheels were great have you ever thought about being a cheerleader?”  Nikki asked her.

“Um I don’t know and I’m a guy” Harley said shly to them.

“Please we really need more cheerleaders and no body will know” The other girl said looking at Harley pleading.

Alison smiled at Harley and whispered to her. Harley nodded then looked at the girls.

“Ok I’ll be a cheerleader if you promise no one will find out.” Harley said to them

“Of course we promise not to tell anyone we have practice after School We’ll get you a uniform to.” Nikki said smiling.

Miss Becker came out of the change Room she was dressed as a pretty Fairy.


“Ok Classes its time to walk around the School” Miss Becker said grabbing her camera

Everyone headed out into the Hallway people looked at us and smiled it was like being in a parade. It was a blast walking around.

Alison took a great picture of me and Harley posing.

Once we walked around and posed for everyone and had our picture taken a ton of times we all headed back to Drama room the 2 hours went by so fast. We All got changed back into our normal. My last class was english Alison  took my hand and walked with me. When we got to the classroom their was a note on the door saying class was cancelled because Mr.Decker suddenly got sick and their was no subs to teach the class. The two Cheerleaders saw their was no class and  took Rob to the cheerleader’s room he waved at me as he went.

“See you later Rob” I said waving to him.

“So Um what do we do now?” I asked Alison

“Well you could watch my new floor routine in the Gym till your Soccer practice” Alison said smiling at me.

Can I pick out a leo for you to wear to?” I asked smiling back at her.

“Only if you put it on me to”  Alison said nuzzling my neck.

"You know I will lets go" I said taking her hand and walking to her locker.

We got to her locker and she opened it for me I looked around and decided on a Unitard for her to wear since our Gym was a bit chilly. We headed to the Gym change rooms and he went into make sure it was empty then came out and gave the all clear then I went in. I sat down on a bent and Alison sat beside me and smiled at me.

“Well what are you waiting for? undress me please Nick” Alison said smiling brightly at me.

I Smiled back at her then took her shirt and shorts off she was still wearing her Gymnastic under wear. I pick her up and put her on my lap and slid the unitard on her then zipped up the back for her then rubbed her body the Unitard was so smooth on her. She Giggled at me then kissed me softly and got up and posed in it for me.

I smiled at her “You look so sexy in that Alison”

“Thank you Nick I have another one you can have if you want” Alison said wiggling her butt.

“Yes that would be great thanks” I said taking her hand and walking into the Gym

“Can you put this type on for my floor routine please” Alison said handing me a type

“Ok I can do that you go and get ready” I said taking the type

I walked over and put the type in the stereo that we use for sports sometimes and hit play then went and sat down. Alison got into position for her floor routine I was so happy I got to watch her. Alison did a really cute routine with lots of flips and chart wheels she was just amazing. I looked at the time then looked at Alison.

“I need to get to Soccer try outs now Did you want to come and watch me?” I asked Alison.

“Of course I’ll come and cheer you on can you unzip me please so I can get changed” Alison said walking over to me.

I smiled at her then unzipped her Unitard for her so she could change.

“I need to go and change to” I said taking her hand and walking into the change rooms.

Alison smiled at me as we got changed I could see how much she loved me I loved her so much.

“I love you Alison”. I said smiling at her.

I love you so much to Nick” Alison said cuddling me close.

Alison took my hand as I got up to go to try outs we walked together I was a bit worried about them I wanted to make the team. I didn’t know what I would do if I didn’t make it. We walked out to the field Nikkii waved to us and walked over to us. I looked around for Rob but didn’t see him anywhere.
“Hi Nikki where is Rob?” I asked her

“Oh you mean Robin she’s there on the grass having her picture taken” Nikki said pointing to Robin.

I looked over and blinked at the girl on the Grass I couldn’t see any sighs of her being a girl. I waved over at her. She got up once her picture was taken and ran over to me and gave me a big hug. Then she gave Alison a big hug to.

“Wow Robin you look so pretty” I said smiling at her

“Thank you so much Nick” Robin said in a cute voice

“If you want I can teach you some flips and Tricks Robin” Alison said smiling at her

“I would love that and can we go shopping to I need to get some work out Leos for practice” Robin said smiling at her.

“Yes we can do that I love shopping and maybe we can get Nicole to come along to” Alison said poking me.

I shook my head at Alison. ”What do you think your Mom will say Robin?”

“I think she will be ok with me being a girl she’s always wanted one but she can’t have any more kids I’m going to tell her when I go home” Robin said smiling brightly at me.

“That’s Great Well I should go and try out for soccer wish me luck you two” I said

The both smiled at me then kissed me on my cheeks as I walked over to the coach. I didn’t see  really any kids around.

“Hi I’m Nick I’m here to try out for the team” I said looking at the coach.

“I’m sorry Nick I don’t think there will be a team this year not many kids are here to try should try out for one of the other teams” He said looking at me.

“Ok thanks Coach I will” I said sounding a bit disappointed.

I walked back over to Alison and Robin they both hugged me tightly when they saw how disappointed I was.

“Maybe you can try out for Gymnastics I talked to my Teacher she wants Tammy to come on Sunday” Alison said cuddling me close.

“I don’t know right now I just want to go home and relax its been a long day” I said cuddling her back.

“I’ll come over during the March Break and hang out with you ok Nick?” Robin said hugging me again.

“That sounds Great Robin good luck with your cheerleading. Alison did you want to walk home with me?” I ask her.

“Of Course I will Silly” Alison said poking me

“Bye Robin have fun” Alison said giving Robing a big hug.

“See you Soon Robin call me tonight and let me know how everything went” I said hugging her to.

“You guys are the best” Robin said smiling Brightly at us both

Robin waved at as she went over to the cheerleaders Alison took my hand holding me close. We went and grabbed out back packs and walked home.

To be continued...
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Really sweet story! Thank you for sharing so much.